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McDaniel runs for magistrate

John William McDaniel III has declared his candidacy for Woodford County Magistrate District 1.

He’s lived in Midway for most of his life, growing up and raising his family there. He, along with his grandfather, father, and mother have served Midway since 1908.

He has served Midway as a scout leader, Little League baseball coach, a police officer for city and county as a patrolman, detective, and Assistant Chief and named to Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement. He’s been active in the early development of the Midway Business Association, Midway Fall Festival, Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival, Midway Renaissance, Midway Museum, the Veterans Memorial Committee and has served as past president of each organization. He was on the committee that created the brand and logo “Uniquely Woodford.”

He’s presently involved in several downtown activities, serving on the Midway City Council, that has started repairing the town’s deteriorating infrastructure, sidewalks, taken steps to eliminate blighted properties, while putting Midway in the best financial position in the town’s history.

“I believe that Midway and its surrounding area need a voice in county government, and I would be honored if you would vote for me to be that voice in the next election.”

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