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To everyone’s surprise the Midway Chocolate Stroll was a big success. Of course, it has always been an event that brings people to Midway and warms the visitors up for Valentine’s Day. The event coordinators were worried that the rain would put a damper on everyone’s chocolate spirit.

It rained but as one group of visitors said, “That why they make umbrellas.” They were from Wilmore and said this was the first time they had ever been in Midway and they would definitely be coming back. 

The winner of the Midway Chocolate Stroll grand prize was Dayna Larabee from Lexington. I check her out on Facebook so I would have more to write about and discovered not only did she win the stroll prize, two days later she wins one of the prizes at a boat and RV show. Sensing she may be on a winning streak she goes directly to a Speedway and purchases a Cash Ball lottery ticket. I have not heard how that came out.

Thanks to the Midway Business Association for hosting this event and all the business owners that participated and donated prizes, and to Steve Morgan, one of the Midway Business Association’s board members, for his efforts to bring all the loose ends together making this another special Midway event.

During the Midway Chocolate Stroll, the visitors were surprised to find that Midway is a “Midway Happy Rock” town. A family, mom, dad, a boy and two sisters, were walking along downtown, when all of a sudden the youngest sister started screaming, eyes widening, and jumping up and down. In a panic, the mother, who’s eyes widened almost as big as her daughter’s, almost dropped the ice cream cone she was carrying, (Yes Virginia, you can buy ice cream in Midway in the winter time) but she quickly relaxed and took a deep breath when she saw her daughter bend over and pick up a “Midway Happy Rock.” The young lady couldn’t have been happier with an American Girl Doll. 

She showed her rock to passers-by telling them where she found it. 

There is a Midway Happy Rock Facebook page that is becoming more popular every day. Julie Morgan set up the page and keeps it filled with lots of pictures of happy people holding their newly found “Midway Happy Rocks.”

 If you haven’t found any happy rocks, maybe you can search through your old Midway pictures and find some pictures of Midway baseball players. The pictures will become part of a collection for a new project that will include people from Midway and Midway University. I know there are a lot of old pictures buried in boxes, pasted in photo albums or in frames around the house. If you have pictures like this or any other Midway pictures, please email me a copy at mjohn547@aol.com or call me at 859-492-0658 and I will come by to pick up a copy. If you don’t want to let them out of your sight, I don’t blame you. However, I can come by to scan your copies and you can watch over them the whole time I’m there. Your participation would be greatly appreciated and your contributions will be duly noted.

Midway University is engaging in a strategic planning initiative to set future directions and position the institution for a stronger future.  

The university has selected a firm, Sutherland and Associates in Lexington, Ky., to facilitate the process and help them better understand the university’s current strengths, challenges and opportunities.   

Your input is an important part of the process.  The University hopes that you will provide feedback through an online survey by using this linkhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MU2018. We anticipate that the survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  All survey responses will go directly to Sutherland and Associates.  Although verbatim responses will be shared with some members of university leadership, under no circumstances will the identity of the respondent be shared.  Your responses are confidential. 

It has been asked by several people this week who writes the Midway Black History section for this month’s Woodford Sun. The answer is I do. The information for these articles is taken from the thousands of bits of information gathered by present and past Midway historians. I have taken bits and pieces from everywhere and created my own storyline that I hope you find interesting. The pictures used are those that I have taken or old pictures from unknown sources that have been saved by members of my family and some are taken from old newspaper clippings.

Articles like these, although written by a single person, in this case, me, are merely the result of the work and research of people like Margaret Ware Parrish; Bill Penn; Jean Rouse; Doris Nave; my father, John Wm. McDaniel II and others. 

 I will be using these articles and others in a book I am writing now and hope to complete (volume one) within the next two years - “The History of Midway… As I Have Heard It and Lived It.”

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