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No action taken on land-use plan after public hearing

Proposed language referencing an often discussed northwest bypass in an updated land-use plan and other language that identifies the Edgewood Farm property on Lexington Road as being within the urban services area of Versailles were both criticized during a public hearing on Feb. 15.

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission agreed to delay taking action on an update of the Comprehensive Plan until its members have an opportunity to consider comments at last week’s hearing and those submitted in letters.

With Comp Plan committee Chair Patty Perry unable to attend next month’s regular meeting of the commission, its members agreed to discuss the possible adoption of an updated land-use plan at its meeting in April.

At last Thursday’s pubic hearing, Woodford Forward, a land advocacy group, applauded much of the work undertaken by the commission in updating the Comp Plan. However, its CEO, Patrick Chase Milner, said pending litigation involving the Edgewood property must be resolved before including those 337 acres in the Versailles urban services area.

“Since the annexation and rezoning of Edgewood Farm is still being litigated,” argued Dan Rosenberg, president of the Pisgah Community Historic Association, “we request that language specifying Edgewood Farm be deleted from the Comprehensive Plan at the present, and that the plan then be amended to include the language should the defendants prevail.”

In addition to its Edgewood Farm concerns, Milner said Woodford Forward “strongly opposes” the construction of a proposed northwest bypass. He pointed out that no state funding has been dedicated to the construction of a Northwest Versailles Mobility Corridor from Falling Springs Boulevard to U. S. 60 west at or near Midway Road (U. S. 62).

Others who spoke at last Thursday’s public hearing raised similar concerns.

“The bypass has been in and out of consideration for decades, and there’s never been a public or a government consensus that it is appropriate for Versailles or Woodford County,” said Tom Brown. He said residents have voiced support for other options to alleviate traffic problems in the community.

Trey Schott, who identified himself as a farm and business owner in Woodford County, urged the Planning Commission to change the future land-use designation of 68 acres at 2101 Lexington Road to interchange commerce district – instead of its current designation as a contemporary neighborhood district.

Schott, a member of 2101, LLC, which owns the property located near the Bluegrass Parkway, described changing the designated land use to interchange commerce as an opportunity to increase tax revenues and generate jobs while providing additional retail and restaurant choices to Woodford County residents.

Later in the hearing, attorney Hank Graddy, speaking on behalf of the Woodford Coalition, reminded the Planning Commission that its goals and objectives for this updated Comprehensive Plan includes language to meet the housing needs of Woodford County residents, including the rising senior population.

“I don’t believe you’ve done that,” he said. “I don’t believe you’ve looked at the housing needs for those of us … that may not be able climb stairs … The point is senior housing is not suburban sprawl … And yet you are continuing historic trends into the future.” Graddy said an objective to coordinate and plan housing for Woodford County’s millennial population has also not been addressed. “I don’t think you’ve looked at the needs for millennials. They too – as far as I can tell – don’t have much love for urban sprawl. They don’t like subdivisions. I think they’d like to live downtown and I don’t see that your plan recognizes that,” he said.

Nine letters were submitted to the commission prior to last Thursday’s public hearing. Each person who spoke during the hearing was given five minutes to comment on the draft of a proposed update to the Comprehensive Plan, a five-year land-use plan.

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