• By: Laura Lynn O’nan

World Spay Day

Get ready to make a difference! World Spay Day is right around the corner on Feb. 27. This worldwide annual campaign is the biggest day of the year for making a difference with pet overpopulation. Here at Woodford Humane Society, we strive to prevent overpopulation by spaying and neutering every pet that comes through our doors. We encourage all of our animal-loving friends in the community to do the same by having their own pets fixed, and thanks to some great veterinarians in and around Woodford County, we’re even able to help out families in need with the cost. So please join us in this celebration and help us make the world a better place - one pet at a time.

Overpopulation of companion animals is a topic we all hear about, but don’t know what we can do to help. The first step to helping combat this growing problem is spaying and neutering your furry friends. For every human baby born, 15 puppies and 45 kittens are also born. This means there are 60 pets born per person. Only 67 percent of households own a dog or cat, leaving many of our furry friends homeless and in shelters or loose as strays in our neighborhoods. Our companion animals that are not fixed multiply quickly and add to the problem of overpopulation. This is why World Spay Day was started and is celebrated by animal rescue groups around the world.

Spaying and neutering your pets not only helps to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals, but it also has health and behavior benefits. It can drastically reduce your pet’s risk for getting cancer and other diseases. It can also help improve behavior issues by decreasing aggression and calming the urge to escape your home or yard.

One of the most common obstacles that pet owners face when making plans to get their pets spayed or neutered is the expense of the procedure. This is where our spay and neuter voucher program comes in handy. Designed to help families that couldn’t otherwise afford the expense, we offer spay and neuter vouchers all year long ranging from $30 to $65. They can be used at our participating veterinary clinics, which accept these vouchers to cover a routine spay or neuter surgery.

Why not give your best friend a longer, healthier life, all while doing your part to fight against pet overpopulation and homelessness? To purchase a spay or neuter voucher, stop in at the Adoption Center. We open at noon, Tuesday through Sunday. Each voucher is good for 30 days from the date received and can be used at our participating vet clinics. Don’t hesitate; your pets count on you to keep them healthy. Give us a call at 859-873-5491 to find out more about this opportunity. You can also reach us at manager@woodfordhumane.org. We love our community and our veterinarians, and are so thankful for the support we receive every day. You make it possible for us to give back and help families in need.

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