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Board denies variances for porches, a fence

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) denied variances for porches in the Wooldridge Garden neighborhood and a privacy fence at a residence on Gleneagles Way during its meeting on Monday.

LK Real Estate, LLC (Linsey Mosley) was denied variances to reduce the size of porches for several town homes on Abbey Road, Chenault Alley and McCowans Ferry Alley. BOA Chair Tim Turney raised issue with granting variances for several lots governed by the new urban code ordinance, which was in place when the lots were purchased by the applicant.

“You’re asking for all those variances for every property,” said Turney. “That’s not a variance. That’s us changing the ordinance, which we don’t technically have the authority to do.” Instead of asking for a specific variance, he said the applicant wants “blanket coverage to allow you to do something.”

Mosley said the ordinance complicates the challenges of building on lots, which already have space limitations. The homeowner would rather have square-footage in a house than a porch, he told the board.

The BOA voted unanimously to deny the variances. Board member David Prewitt was absent.

A variance request that would allow the owners of a home on Gleneagles Way to keep an existing privacy fence was denied. BOA members determined that Curtis and Rebecca Lowe will need to come back to them if they want to request a variance for a 48-inch-high plank and wire fence to replace the 6-foot-high privacy fence on their corner lot.

Safety concerns led the BOA to conclude that the existing privacy fence could not remain. However, board members did support the homeowner’s plan to erect a plank and wire fence along Hanover Drive, which they agreed would greatly improve visibility for motorists in a high traffic/pedestrian area.

“We would be able to see kids approaching, bikes approaching (our driveway),” said Rebecca Lowe. “It gives you that visibility down the road while still maintaining that height because we’ve got a jumper of a dog.”

Variance approved

The BOA approved an 80-foot front-yard variance that allows James A. Frazier to remodel a legal, nonconforming accessory structure (garage) at 2325 Paynes Mill Road. Frazier said he planned to have an office in the remodeled garage, but no residential space in the accessory structure, which is not permitted in the zoning ordinance.

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