• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Council approves budget changes

In a 21-minute meeting Tuesday, the Versailles City Council voted unanimously to approve ordinances reflecting changes in the city’s balance sheet.

Council Member Ken Kerkhoff was absent.

Such mid-fiscal year adjustments are not uncommon, and reflect unanticipated changes in revenue, spending or both.

The general fund budget was amended in the following ways:

Total estimated revenues are up, from $9,928,369 to $10,115,369.

Total estimated capital expenses are up, from $649,600 to $1,235,355.

The projected fund balance at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) is up, from $3,959,876 to $4,984,730.

The enterprise fund (water and sewer) budget was amended in the following ways:

Total estimated revenues will drop from $17,557,000 to $16,467,000.

Estimated operating expenses will drop from $6,245,573 to $6,227,573.

Total estimated capital expenses will drop from $11,274,000 to $10,162,784.

The projected fund balance at the end of the fiscal year will increase from $11,496,275 to $11,535,491.

Mayor Brian Traugott noted the $30,000 in estimated revenue from the wastewater impact fees passed by the council last November. “I think that’s one of the more significant things that this council has done, because every dollar you see in that column is a dollar you don’t have to see in sewer services,” he said.

Traugott asked Assistant Public Works Director Mitzi Delius if she felt good about the program’s revenue. She said she did, and hadn’t received much feedback from the new customers paying the fee.

A handout from the Public Works Department during council considerations last year said, “Impact fees are assigned to new residential and commercial development or significant increased wastewater flows by existing customers.”

Later in the meeting, Delius received unanimous approval to pay $2,034 to Xylem of Milford, Ohio for repairs under warranty to a pump at the wastewater treatment plant.

New fire truck

Fire Chief Brian Wainscott said he’ll leave tomorrow for a trip to a Chicago suburb to pick up the city’s new $360,000 fire engine with a ladder that has a 100-foot reach. The council had approved paying $375,000 for the 2006 Pierce truck, but Wainscott said Traugott negotiated the price down by $15,000.

Wainscott also received the council’s unanimous approval to pay Anderson County Tire $6,184 for four new tires for the truck. The bid was almost $24 higher than one by S&S Tires of Lexington, but Wainscott said the slightly higher price was worth it because the company had the tires in stock and had also been helpful with a recent truck repair. Utility pole replacement

The council voted unanimously to pay $4,500 to Dixon Electric, Inc. of Lexington for a new 35-foot utility pole at the Kentucky American Water tie-in building on Huntertown Road. The present pole is broken and leans near the building.

Animal ordinances

The Legal and Administrative Committee met before the city council meeting and Chair Mary Ellen Bradley said they’d hammered out an ordinance dealing with chickens. They’ll meet again on a proposed dog ordinance, she said.

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