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St. Patrick’s Day pet safety

In preparation of St. Patrick’s Day, many pet owners may want to include their furry family members in the big celebration. Green drinks and food are always a great touch to the party, but some popular spirits and appetizers, green or not, may be harmful to your pets’ health.

It is important that your family pet celebrate with you safely during the holiday.

There is no wiggle room when it comes to allowing your dog a quick slurp of your alcoholic drink. Without a doubt, you should never allow any animal even the smallest taste of an alcoholic beverage. The consumption of alcohol can cause major health issues. The ingredients are toxic to animals and could be damaging to their health. Shortly after consuming the dangerous beverage, physical symptoms can arise such as vomiting, labored breathing, seizures and wild fluctuations in body temperature. Exposure to a larger volume of alcohol can even cause long term kidney damage. Even the smallest sip is not worth putting your furry friend in danger.

Dogs don’t have to just drink alcohol for it to pose a threat to their health. Even consuming it through food can be toxic. Foods prepared with alcohol still contain the ingredients from the beverage even after cooking it thoroughly. Though the alcohol-infused food consumed by a person doesn’t give them the same effects as it would have before the cooking process, the same ingredients are still present. Thus, it can still be dangerous for animals to consume.

Though your perfect four-legged family member may beg for a bite off your plate or a sip from your cup, it is very important not to give in when alcohol is involved. If you are still eager to include your family pet in the big celebration, there are healthy green food alternatives available. Most green vegetables are safe and healthy to feed to your pets. Broccoli, cucumber and green beans are just a few green vegetables your pets may love. There are also a few green fruits that are safe and healthy as well, such as pears, kiwi and green apples.

There are several other fruits and veggies that are safe and healthy for your family pets; however, there are some that are not. For example, grapes and raisins of any color are never safe. Be sure to do your homework. You might be surprised what foods are safe and healthy and what foods are not.

For more fruits and veggies that are safe and healthy for your furry friends, feel free to contact us at manager@woodfordhumane.org or 859-873-5491. If you are looking for a new family pet, don’t hesitate any longer. We have a wonderful group looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a new home. Come and visit them today at the Adoption Center.

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