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Local group announces Mack Calvert scholarship

A scholarship in memory of Mack Calvert has been created by the “This Pitch” organization. The scholarship is a year only award and will be in the amount of $2,500.

“This Pitch” was formed in 2016 in memory of Scott Logdon who passed away in 2015.“We started the foundation because we all knew Scott (Logdon) and we just wanted to rally behind his family,” said This Pitch treasurer Barry Hartley. “We put together a golf scramble in a couple of weeks and it was a tremendous success.From there we were able to continue our fundraising efforts and form the Scott Logdon Scholarship which we presented for the first time last summer. Moving forward we expect our efforts to continue to grow and be a helping hand within the community. Scott was one of us. He was someone who played ball here and we all rallied together to help in any way we could when he became ill. When Mr. Calvert passed away we felt a similar call to help.”Calvert was not only the “Voice of Woodford County athletics” for 36 years, but was an educator, a friend and a beloved figure in Versailles. He graduated from Woodford County High School in 1976 and later became a sixth grade teacher in the county.Mr. Calvert was also the sports editor at The Woodford Sun for 15 years, covering every team in Woodford County.“When we were playing ball and then later coaching baseball, Mr. Calvert made us feel like we were on the cover of Sports Illustrated every week with how he covered us,” said Hartley.“He just had such an enthusiasm for sports in Woodford County and that made him special.”The scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered.The applicant must be a WCHS senior that was nominated by his or her coach.The applicant must be on schedule to graduate with a 2.0 or better GPA and accepted to a College or University for the fall semester. The applicant must have demonstrated leadership qualities, a strong work ethic and be an active athlete on a team roster.“We want to be able to reach kids in the community and help them get their education,” said Hartley. “Our mission statement is to aid, assist and inspire youth in the sports community through Christ, hard work and dedication.

The organization will be hosting a bass fishing tournament at Green River Lake on May 12 and a golf scramble in September to continue their fundraising efforts.

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