• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Here’s Johnny! Learning on the job

One of the many wiser persons than yours truly once said something very much like, “Before one can learn, one must believe one can learn.”

This is written midway through the second week of my new role as news editor of the Woodford Sun, during which another aphorism has come to mind: “Boy, have I got a lot to learn.”

Oh, I know a little about reporting and photography and copy-editing and getting along with folks inside and outside the Sun, and a wee bit about leadership from my Navy and UK teaching days. But … I’ve got a lot to learn about the rest of the job.

This week, with what was intended to be the back page (18) filled with ads, there was no space for using it as a second front page, as design editor Marla Carroll has been doing.

We had a space problem. There are worse problems.

So Marla decided to expand our 18-page paper to 20 pages and I was in no condition to disagree. Doing so costs us a few extra bucks, so I can’t promise we’ll make a habit of it, but it won’t cost you an extra penny.

Here’s hoping it won’t cost me my new title.

Oh, and, as they say in TV news, “This just in.”

I just learned we made two mistakes on jumps in last week’s paper. A jump is when the reader is told where to find the rest of an article that won’t fit on one page.

I’ve no desire to turn the Sun into the print version of “Where’s Waldo?,” so our team of proofers, led by yours truly, will be more careful this week.

Sorry, y’all.

A young team strikes again

Now for another sort of jump (shot) …

Big Blue fans who think my jibes over the frequent use of the phrase “young team” to describe this and nearly every edition of John Calipari’s Wildcats are a slam at Cal or his young teams have it all wrong. I think Calipari’s not only a great recruiter, but a fine coach and perhaps even a Freudian-level psychotherapist for young adult males.

I’d also like to point out that the “Young Team Drinking Game” I introduced in the Feb. 22 Sun was not an endorsement of heavy alcohol consumption. (In the “Young Team Drinking Game,” players take a sip of their favorite libation whenever the phrase “young team” is uttered by Cal, game announcers, and radio show hosts or callers.) I’m told The Young Team Drinking Game can put a hurt on you the day after it’s played, and that many fans are now on the Young Team Drinking Game Wagon.

Point is, as a fellow who once spent a few minutes of a long-ago Christmas Eve at Adolph Rupp’s house and was a UK fan even before that, I do root for the Cats – and their underrated coach.

Cal, underrated?


Yes, most years he has as much, or more, pure physical talent as any coach not in the NBA. However, coaching 18-and-19-year-olds who know they’re probably one year away from making millions in the NBA must be very much like herding cats, wild or otherwise.

I have cats and can’t herd mine for beans, though they do look at me when I call their names and will usually approach when treats are involved.

I think Cal’s 2018 Cats will get to the Final Four. After that, I dunno … but I hope a few of the fellows who’d planned on one-and-done will stick around for another year – for their own sake, not the Big Blue Nation’s. Here’s hoping their jump shots fall … and that our jumps land where they’re aimed, too.

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