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Public Records - March 22nd

District Court

Week of March 12

Mary Jane Phelps, judge


Speeding – Nabil M. Algahmine, combined with no operator’s license in possession, $213; Melle N. Ali, state traffic school; Robert L. Cannon, two counts, $316 plus state traffic school; Danny L. Coslow, $198 plus four days served; Matthew D. Dalton, $143 plus state traffic school; Stephen G. Jones, $143 plus state traffic school; David T. Liebman, $143 plus state traffic school; Tyler S. Martin, state traffic school; Rebecca L. Pangemanan, state traffic school; Earnie M.G. Serrano, combined with no operator’s/moped license, $163; Laurie M. Wagner, $143; Ella F. Wilson, $143 plus state traffic school.

No operator’s license in possession – Maria Cruz, $193; Rashidah S. Short, combined with failure to maintain required insurance and no/expired registration plates, $718; David A. West. $193.

Failure of owner to maintain required insurance – Elijah M. Deaton, $643; Mary L. Moxey, combined with no/expired registration plates and license to be in possession, $468.

DUI – Nathan B. Dodge, $743.

Failure to give right of way to emergency vehicle – Henry Phillips, state traffic school.

No operator’s/moped license – Jesus N. Renteria, $243.

No/expired registration plates – Jason Smith, $168.


Possession of marijuana – Deidre Head, 166 Dunroven Drive, combined with disregarding stop sign, $360.50; Mason R. Lyman, Lexington, $310.50.

Resisting arrest – Christopher O. Steinrock, Louisville, combined with speeding, DUI and possession of open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle, $803 plus time served with credit.

Receiving stolen property – Debra L. Hampton, 132 Simmons Street, combined with third-degree criminal possession of forged instrument, $185.50 plus 91 days, serve one with credit and balance probated for two years.

Alcohol intoxication in a public place – Cody A. Huddleston, 392 Poplar Street, four days with credit.

Theft by deception or shoplifting – Elizabeth McIntosh, 6759 Frankfort Road, $185.50 plus 32 days, serve two with credit and balance probated for two years; Brandi J. Williams, address unavailable, combined with alcohol intoxication in a public place, $210.50 plus 35 days, serve five with credit and balance probated for two years.

Violation of Kentucky EPO – Blake M. Sallee, address unavailable, $160.50 plus 32 days, serve two with credit and balance probated for two years.

Local city ordinance – Jesus Renteria, 191 Frankfort Street, $150.50.

Police Reports

Versailles police responded to five accidents involving injuries, one domestic-related complaint and issued one citation/summons.

On March 17, $50 in forged currency was reported at a Kroger Way restaurant.

On March 16, theft by deception (includes cold checks) involving $50 was reported at a Court Street government building.

On March 12, theft of a motor vehicle registration plate was reported at a store on Lexington Road.

On March 12, theft of a motor vehicle registration plate was reported at Jack Kain Ford.

On March 18, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident in a Woodson Drive parking lot that damaged a Chevrolet Traverse.

On March 11, a handgun worth $400 was found in a Clifton Road park.

On March 14, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on South Main Street.

On March 17, a brown Michael Kors purse and contents worth a total of $1,000 was reported stolen from a vehicle in a Beasley Road parking lot.

On March 10, sexual misconduct was reported at a home on Mildred Street.

On March 14, a citation/summons for possession of marijuana was issued on Lexington Road.

On March 14, a counterfeit $50 bill was reported at Long John Silver’s.

On March 10, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on I-64 East.

Fire Reports


Firefighters made 27 EMS assists and installed one car seat during the past week.

On March 14, they responded to a motor vehicle accident on Tyrone Pike.

On March 16, they responded to a motor vehicle accident on the U.S. 60 Bypass.

On March 17, they responded to a smoke odor at McDonald’s related to a lightning strike and performed an investigation on Crossfield Drive for the same reason.


On March 13, firefighters responded to a vehicle accident on East Leestown Road in Lexington and another on Pinckard Pike.

On March 17, they responded to an illegal controlled burn on Oregon Road.

On March 18, they cleaned a smoke detector on Berry Avenue.

On March 19, they responded to a vehicle accident on Pisgah Pike, a fire alarm on McCracken Pike and performed a carbon dioxide detector investigation on Tincher Drive.

Public Records


Petitions for the dissolution of marriage – Stephanie M. Gonzalez vs. Lazaro G. Montes; Melanie J. Bradshaw vs. Guy D. Bradshaw.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., et al., vs. Brenda K. Cobb for support of minor child.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., vs. Robert L. Back for support of minor child.

Sandy Kelty vs. Irvin Manley, et al., for $6,740.52 plus court costs and attorney fees claimed due on a debt.

Olympic Construction, LLC vs. James, Jack and Harry’s Kentucky Farm, LLC for $188,302.99 plus interest and costs claimed due on a debt.

Nina Sparrow vs. Richard Sparrow II for change of venue involving support for minor child.

Kentucky Bank vs. Timothy L. Marshall, et al., for $114,148.52 plus interest, late fees and release fee claimed due on a debt.

Robin Webb vs. Amnlia M. Sibrt, et al., for damages, interest and costs relating to March 2016 vehicle accident.


Paul Huber and Lindy Huber to MLBell, LLC (Ralph Cutler and Donna Quillin, members) and Burnworth Ventures, LLC (Eric Burnworth and Rebecca A. Burnworth, members), 5711 McCracken Pike, $145,000.

George W. Scearce and Jessie C. Scearce to Jesse C. Scearce, 170 Macey Avenue, other consideration.

JST Properties, LLC (Tony Hardin, member) to Vida Lorenta Schottenstein, 108A North Gratz Street, Midway, $112,500.

Danielle N. Moosmann to Erika L. Wierman and Jason Wierman, 1865 Hifner Road, $177,900.

John D. Meckley and Gail J. Meckley to Thomas G. Buchanan and Judith Skelton, as trustees of the Buchanan/Skelton trust, 101 Ravenwood Road, $215,000.

Sean Hanley and Gwendolyn Junge to Calloray Howard, 305 Highland Avenue, $124,500.

Edward T. Nichols and Deanna Nichols to Brandi J. Smith and Brandin J. Smith, 636 Paige Court, $92,400.

Ronald A. Spears and Laura J. Spears to Travis A. Thompson, 275 Old Clifton Road, $18,000.

Steven H. Lockwood and Jean P. Lockwood to James D. Rouse, 131, 133, 135, 137, 140, 142, 144 and 146 Sugartree Lane, $278,000.

Leslie Barrows and Madeline Doherty to White Star Pastures, LLC (Leslie V. Barrows and Madeline T. Doherty, sole members), 3140 Oregon Road, other consideration.

LK Real-Estate, LLC (Linsey Mosley, member) to Paige Mckenzie Sawyer, Timothy W. Sawyer and Mitzi Ann Sawyer, 61 School House Road, $155,000.

Brian Sebastian to Maxwell Alan Thornell and Erin Marie Fry, 516 Nottingham Drive, $163,000.

George T. Padan and Mary S. Padan to Roger Sigley and Ruth Gong, 106 Coach Station Road, Midway, $160,000.

Tishawana I. Lane to Megan Christine Romano, 127 Charmac Road, $135,000.

Deborah S. Todd and Angela L. Clifford to Travis Todd, 335 Pisgah Station Road, other consideration.

Antony C. Bays and Natalee M. Bays to Gary S. Smith and Teresa A. Smith, 5799 Midway Road, $53,000.

Everett H. Carey and Beth Carey to Terry L. Moore and Marla J. Moore, 304 Lilac Court, $193,000.

Mary Beth Drake and Joshua L. Drake to Daryl M. Kanatzar and Christina N. Kanatzar, 630 Pocahontas Trail, $131,000.


Danielle Raye Jump and Brian Michael Kob; Kathryn Rose Rush and Justin Tyler Harvey; Sara Rebecca James and Jeffrey Allen Dunn.

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