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Here’s Johnny! Johnny Miller, we hardly knew ye.

That’s because the Johnny Miller I wrote of in last week’s Midway City Council meeting doesn’t exist. Oh, I’m sure there are a few Johnny or John or Jon and perhaps even Jonathan Millers in Woodford County, but none of them are the newest member of Midway City Council.

That person is Johnny Wilson.

The day last week’s paper came out, we got a call from someone who told us that we (meaning me) got the name wrong. I wasn’t at work, but had a sneaking suspicion that the caller was correct, and the following day, I confirmed the sneaking suspicion.

The official correction is on the front page, but this particular unwitting mistake was so egregious that I feel the need to apply the lash to the story’s author on page two, too.

The only Johnny Miller I know of is the golfer-turned-golf announcer, and he doesn’t look a thing like Johnny Wilson of Midway, Ky.

When Johnny Wilson applied for the unexpired term of the late Council Member Libby Warfield, he pledged to not run for a full term this fall. Here’s hoping my mistake doesn’t scare him away from public service in the future. Friday night, I received a Facebook message from Council Member Wilson. He wrote, “Johnny Miller. Really. Lol.”

I responded by apologizing and noting that the correction had already been written and the corrected story reposted on our website.

He wrote back, “That’s all right. Everybody’s had a good laugh. Me, too. Have a good nite.”

What a nice thing for Council Member Wilson to write.

I aim to provide a laugh or two, but try to confine the vast majority of chuckles to this space on page two. Council Member Wilson, I pledge to never again call you by anything but your real name, while you are welcome to address me at the next council meeting by my present, self-given nickname: “Bonehead.”

Of primary interest …

In our April 19 issue, we will run the first of our series of five question-and-answer sessions with candidates running in contested primaries. In the preceding weeks, I’ll send these men and women questions tailored to the offices they’re seeking. Each candidate will be given a week to respond and must keep their responses within a strict word limit.

We believe it’s the first time the Sun has ever engaged in such an undertaking, and to spread the responsibility (and blame, if this goes horribly), we’re encouraging Dear Readers to send us questions for the candidates. The fine staff here at the Sun will come up with the rest of the questions … and try like heck to get their names right.

It’ll happen or my name’s not … ehm … it’s here somewhere …


Raising Caine

Sun sports editor Bill Caine was a professional photographer long before he came to work for us, and his good eye is on display on this week’s front page. Bill took time off from his sports duties to accompany Karie and Jaxson Thompson to Blue Grass Airport and take photos of Army Major Jason Thompson’s homecoming after a 10-month deployment.

The picture we published may remind Dear Readers of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo of a sailor planting a wet one on a nurse in Times Square on V-J Day in 1945.

Between the trip to the airport and Huntertown Elementary, where Thompson surprised his daughter, Olivia, Bill spent at least three hours on non-sports related duties. In return, he got at least one great photo – and got to miss our weekly Friday afternoon meeting.

Well done, Mr. Caine. And Major Thompson. And Karie Thompson. And Jaxson Thompson, who was just out of the frame, but a very important part of his father’s homecoming, when Bill took the picture on our front page.

This just in: Bill just informed me that he first thought Jaxson’s name was spelled Jaxon. I told him these things happen sometimes.

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