• By Julia Johnson, Education Coordinator

Fun activities to do with your dog

Are you looking to spend quality time with your best friend doing something else besides the normal everyday walks around the block or fetch in the backyard? If so, we would like to share some other activities you can do with your canines that are fun, keep them active and help form a bond between dog and owner.

Working and reviewing obedience is always great and builds a good foundation between pet and owner, but there are more activities out there for you and your canine buddy. And who says you have to stay at home - your dog will enjoy an adventure! Some activities include agility, Frisbee, hiking, swimming, and dog parks.

Versailles has a wonderful dog park at the Falling Springs Recreational Facility, near the tennis courts and it is free.

It’s the perfect time take your best friend outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Activity is very important for your dog as it keeps the body and mind healthy and strong.

Agility is a wonderful activity that uses the dog’s mind, strength, and endurance. Agility competition is a popular sport in the dog world where a handler directs the dog through an obstacle course containing, jumps, tunnels, weave poles, a seesaw and more, with only their voice or hand signals. The goal is to complete the course as fast as you can without making a mistake.

Even if you never plan to compete, agility can be a fun activity to do with your dog, and it is a sport for all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. It challenges dogs to help them use their natural instincts, not to mention, keeps the dog in shape as well as the handler. Not only is it a stimulating activity, but it helps bond owner and dog as they work together to get through the course in a timely manner.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy with your dog, check online at ways you can begin training and working with your dog.

Hiking is an enjoyable way to explore the world all while having your sidekick right beside you. Make sure to find a park that allows dogs on the trail and be sure to keep them leashed. Frisbee might be an option if your dog loves to jump and catch Frisbees.

Before starting any strenuous activities, it’s always a good idea to ask your veterinarian if your pet is in condition to be doing these sports and to bring water with you during the activity.

If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, there are always activities to do inside such as teaching tricks, tracking and more.

Take advantage of these options to add variety and more fun to the time spent with your dog. You will enjoy it as much as they do. Check online to see if there are options around you, and if you have any other questions about activities to do with your dog, please give us a call at 859-873-5491 or email atmanager@woodfordhumane.org.

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