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Letter to the editor

Pleased with Barr

Editor, The Sun:

As a small farm owner, I’m very happy with the job Congressman Barr is doing. Thanks to his hard work for all of us, I don’t have to worry about the federal government deciding the two ponds on my land are somehow a navigable waterway so they can come in with a bunch of ridiculous regulations, or worse. Make no mistake, the Democrats in Washington want to get that power over our land.

We also need a strong leader familiar with the changing demands of global commerce, which affect everything from soybeans to racehorses. Andy has the experience we need to make sure Kentucky products always get to market at the best price, and the cost to produce is kept in check.

Now that we’re rolling back all the junk that was forced on us by Washington, my vote is to keep Andy Barr working hard for Kentucky.

Bill Marshall Midway

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