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Commission approves updated land-use plan

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday unanimously approved an updated 2018 Comprehensive Plan, with no major future land use changes.

The City of Midway’s lone representative on the commission, Rich Schein, who was out of town and unable to attend last Thursday’s meeting, stated in a letter that he would’ve voted in favor of the land-use plan, which was approved by an 8 to 0 vote.

The approved land-use plan’s map of the Versailles urban area has a dashed line representing a proposed Northwest Versailles Mobility Corridor (an extension of Falling Springs Boulevard) and does not remove language identifying the Edgewood Farm property on Lexington Road as being within the urban service boundary of Versailles.

During a public hearing in February, Woodford Forward, a land use advocacy group, encouraged the commission not to include Edgewood Farm’s 337 acres in the urban services area until pending litigation involving the property was resolved.

In her motion to approve an updated land-use plan, Patty Perry cited several reasons why removing the Edgewood property from the urban service boundary was inappropriate. She noted that the property had been annexed by the City of Versailles and rezoned (both actions being challenged in Woodford Circuit Court). As part of the review for this land-use plan, the chair of the Comp Plan committee stated, “it was determined that this property is a logical place for urban growth…”

Also in Perry’s motion to approve the Comprehensive Plan update, she pointed out that the Planning Commission as a whole believes that the extension of the Falling Springs Boulevard should be depicted on the land-use map of Versailles because “the project has been studied by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and a design for the corridor has been proposed with a summary of recommendations.” Further, she stated that if the land-use plan ignores the project it might be cited as a “major change unanticipated by the comprehensive plan.”

During the public hearing in February, Woodford Forward’s CEO, Chase Milner, pointed out that no state funding has been dedicated to the construction of a Northwest Versailles Mobility Corridor (from Falling Springs Boulevard to U.S. 60 west – at or near Midway Road).

“The bypass has been in and out of consideration for decades,” argued county resident Tom Brown at the hearing, “and there’s never been a public or a government consensus that it is appropriate for Versailles or Woodford County.”

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