• John McDaniel

Midway in the Past

During Midway’s history there have been several notable organizations. Among them was the Blackburn Guards, a local militia commanded by James Blackburn. They were organized in 1830. A similar group known as the Woodford Rifles was formed in 1870. Masonic Temple Company of Midway, Ky. is a Kentucky Kco - Corporation filed on April 23, 1894. Members are still active, and they own the two-story building housing the town’s post office at the corners of Bruen and Winter Streets.

In 1922, a group of ladies met for tea and enjoyed each other’s company so much that decided to meet again and discuss forming a club.

When they met again in September 1942, they formed the Midway’s Woman’s Club, with Miss Sarah West elected as the club’s first president. The group met at the Presbyterian Church. They continued to meet throughout the year at different churches and other buildings in Midway until 1952, when Mr. and Mrs. James Parrish gave the club a building on the corner of Stephens and Gratz Street where they continue to meet to this day. In 1956, the club won $1,000 in the national Community Achievement Contest sponsored by the

General Foundation of Women’s Club and Sears and Roebuck Foundation. They still promote several community projects, and they have very interesting speakers at some of their meetings.

The men in town took several years to form their organization, receiving their charter as the Midway Lion’s Club in August of 1945. The group had 20 charter members at its beginning. The motto of this organization was “We Serve.” The first president was Milton Davis. They sponsored an annual ice supper every year and on Election Day had their “Pancake Day.” Yes, if you were wondering, they used

Weisenberger pancake mix. They provided glasses for needy school children and handed out Christmas baskets every year. The club also chartered Midway’s first Boy Scout Troop.

The club is no longer active as they relinquished their charter in the early 2000s.

(These are just a few Midway organizations we’ll talk about some more next week.)

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