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Letters to the Editor

Missing Kmart

Editor, The Sun:

For the last few months, I have experienced an empty feeling, a void of some sort. Something is missing. Being a self-analyst, I have determined the cause. I am having Kmart withdrawal. As I pass by that corner, I am sadly reminded of its absence by the faded shadow of the old sign. I truly regret its demise. It was so convenient, no trip to Lexington, no gas to burn, just a short drive to their front door. It was my favorite store, my happy place. It was my walking track, my daily therapy. Additionally, I could always count on the clerks for a little jovial conversation.

Due to my long-ago retirement and advanced age, I have time to shop. At Kmart, there was an endless variety of merchandise to mull over.

It was impossible to go in and not buy something. Trust me, I did my part. They carried my favorite hairspray, haven’t found it since. I loved shopping the children’s department for my great- grandbabies. I relied on Jaclyn Smith to provide something fashionable that actually came in my size.

The holidays were wonderful. At Easter I bought bunnies for the front porch, and Easter baskets for the kiddies. But Christmas was the best. They had the most delightful array of decorations and beautiful displays. The reindeer were on parade and the trees sparkled in all colors. A jaunt through that department would brighten any wintery day.

In spring, it was my hubby’s place to go for grass seed, weed killer and flowers. There were plenty of bar-b-que grills to get you fired up for outdoor living. Yes, I miss all those things, but the one thing that stands out more than the rest, for old time’s sake, could we hear just one more blue light special?

Sue Thompson

Versailles School tax ‘for the greater good’

Editor, The Sun:

I’m voting for the school tax. I’m certain that building a new high school is the right thing to do. I was born here, I live here, and I’m WCHS Class of ’76.

Am I for the school tax because I have kids in the system? No, mine have graduated and moved on. But how could I vote to hold other kids back?

Is it because my wife is a teacher? No, she moved on, too - retired from WCHS in 2017. But after hearing for years about the challenges teachers face in our building, how could I vote against a safer and healthier environment?

Is it because I’m an alum? Maybe. I have enormous pride for our county and our schools, and yeah, WCHS is the face of Woodford County.

Keep in mind that people who are thinking about coming here look at our schools - the physical structures - and make snap judgments about our county. They say…

“I might buy a house here.”

“I might start a business here.”

“I might accept a job offer here.”

“I might move my company here.”

So the foundation of a new school is in education, but it can lead to more jobs, more highly recruited doctors and teachers, more retail and dining options… and more successful students.

Look: Nobody likes taxes. I get it. But that’s how we work together to improve the quality of life in our county. We do it for a greater good - for ourselves and our kids. We do it for our home.

I’m voting for the school tax. I hope you will, too.

Bob Rouse


Support school tax

Editor, The Sun:

I support the Woodford County School Board’s decision to move forward to replace our 50-year-old high school. Based on our school district’s current level of bonding, the School Board proposes using a facilities tax to pay our local contribution for the school and allow for construction to begin right away. The local facility tax is needed to make state funds available to offset the cost of construction. The proposed tax is 5.5 cents per $100 in property value. For most residents, this is one or two cups of coffee at Starbucks per month. Their recommendation sounds reasonable to me.

Now is the best time to begin construction. The current high school building needs to be replaced. Waiting will eventually cost us much more. Interest rates are projected to rise, increasing future construction costs by millions. Construction material costs will also rise every year. Remaining in the existing building will require that we sink tens of millions into maintaining a … facility that will eventually need to be replaced anyway.

We all benefit from investments in our public school district. Our children directly benefit from the education they receive. Everyone’s home value benefits indirectly due to the strength and performance of Woodford County Public School District. My family recently relocated to Woodford County, in part, due to the excellence of the local public schools district. Companies also look at public schools as part of evaluating potential locations. Attracting these new jobs helps improve our tax base. Great school districts help to make great communities.

Each of us owes a debt of gratitude to our parents and grandparents decision to invest in the public school buildings we attended while growing up. I believe that it’s now our turn to pay it forward. Please join me in voting to approve the property tax increase for the construction of our new high school in the special election on June 26.

Chip Ruble


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