• By John McDaniel, Midway Correspondent

The Week at Midway: Personals and Comments

Spring is in the air. Well it is some days and maybe not so much on others. Lots of flower people are waiting for Derby Day as that seems to be the day that you can plant all your beans, taters, and tomaters and not have to worry about the frost setting them back.

Community Garden news update … Tomato Planting Day moved to Saturday, May 12, 10 a.m.!

There are rumors that hummingbirds have been making their way around town. There have been robins spotted and doves are building nests everywhere. My fellow weed-growing council members will be glad to know that I I’m holding off eradicating all the dandelions (so the bees will have something to eat) in my yard for a few more days until more flowers can start blooming. So, send all your wayward bees to 126 West Stephens Street; there plenty of dandelions for everyone.

There have been several groups of young people making their way around town the last couple of weekends. They are all dressed up getting their pictures made around the old caboose, the rock walls, and along the train tracks. I think all that has something to do with prom nights. Midway seems to be a popular backdrop for those wanting their pictures taken.

This weekend the Midway downtown decorated Saw Horse Final Round Up will take place along the Historic Railroad Street and Gratz Street. Come downtown and pick out your favorite.

Midway’s Least Known Organization

Last week I discussed some Midway organizations and it seems that the Masonic Temple Company is the oldest one. There is another organization that has been active since the 1950s, though. That group is not officially chartered under any name or affiliated with any particular group, business, or entity, but it has been around for a long time. It’s been called the Saturday morning coffee club, the liar’s club, the breakfast group, and many other names that I have probably forgotten. Some great discussions have taken place within this group. Although it was never a rule, women very seldom made an appearance at these meetings, except to drop off or pick up their husbands.

Over the years the meeting places have been located all over town. The original meeting place was Woodrum’s Restaurant, the same building that Koka Bella Boutique is in today.

Amazingly, there has never been any bloodshed during these gatherings – disagreements, but no bloodshed. The group has included Baptists, Nazarenes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, a Muslim or two, members of the military, and those who’ve held government positions: Midway city council members, mayors, college presidents, Woodford County magistrates, state representatives, and even a governor. They were Republicans, Independents, Democrats, members of the Green Party, and others. I have heard lots of opinions and I have heard a lot of good jokes at those gatherings. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that even though everyone in the group is different, it is nice to know just how much we do agree on.

For an unofficial organization, this group has contributed quite a bit to welfare of our little area called Woodford County. Now we just need to give it an official name.

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