• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Sports Editor

WCHS track and field boys place third at Boyle County

The Woodford County High School track and field team competed in the Boyle County Invitational on Friday, April 27. The WCHS boys' team placed third out of 10 teams and the Lady Jackets were fifth out of 11 teams.

WCHS senior Jai Burgess placed third in the boys' 100-meter dash (11.16) and sophomore Ethan Parker was 16th (14.87).

Burgess placed fourth in the boys' 200-meter dash (22.98) and sophomore Devon Wilson was 12th (26.14).

Sophomore James Hawkins finished 13th in the boys' 400-meter dash (1:01.77) and sophomore Will Moffett was 14th (1:02.32).

Freshman Patrick Stiltner finished 10th in the boys' 800-meter run (2:17.10) and sophomore Mitchell Scott was 16th (2:24.44).

Senior Peter McGowan finished eighth in the boys' 1600-meter run (5:01.35) and sophomore Kyle Holt was ninth (5:03.45).

Sophomore Clay Thomas finished seventh in the boys' 3200-meter run (11:04.75) and junior Abran Santos was eighth (11:12.99).

Senior Landon Saum placed second in the boys' 110-meter hurdles (15.27) and sophomore Justin Lehmkuhler was sixth (44.45).

Saum placed fifth in the boys' 300-meter hurdles (44.31) and Lehmkuhler was sixth (44.45).

The WCHS boys' 4x200-relay team placed fifth (1:42.56), the 4x400 relay team was sixth (4:23.20) and 4x800 was sixth (9:29.99).

Lehmkuhler won the boys' high jump (six feet, two inches) and Saum was second (five feet, eight inches).

Sophomore Ethan Parker finished 15th in the long jump (12 feet, six inches) and Jordan Upton placed third in the tiple jump (42 feet, five inches). Hudson finished seventh in the boys' discus (110 feet, eight inches) and senior Jack Hill was 16th (80 feet). Hudson placed fourth in the boys' shot put (39 feet, three inches) and Hill was 14th (32 feet, six and a half inches).

WCHS freshman Kamari Black won the girls' 100-yard dash (12.78) and Asia Sands was ninth (14.28).

Black placed third in the girls' 200-meter dash (27.70) and sophomore Bethany Goode finished 10th (30.28).

Freshman Abbey Bleuel finished eighth in the girls' 400-meter dash (1:07.61) and freshman Ana Ruvalcaba was 12th (1:12.08).

Sophomore Caroline Murray finished ninth in the girls' 800-meter dash (2:48.13) and freshman Megan Davis was 12th (2:56.64).

Freshman Katie Gatewood placed fourth in the girls' 1600-meter run (6:03.19) and freshman Taylor Dotson was 17th (6:58.76).

Freshman Katherine Crain finished 10th in the girls' 3200-meter run and senior Rosa Langdoc was 14th (16.14.14).

Freshman Callie Gormley was runner-up in the girls' 100-meter hurdles (17.23) and junior Ester Bradshaw was fifth (17.87).

Bradshaw was runner-up in the girls' 300-meter hurdles (49.06) and Gormley was third 49.65).

The WCHS girls' 4x200-meter relay team placed fourth (1:53.64) and the 4x400-meter relay team was fifth (4:48.35). In the 4x800-meter relay, the Lady Jackets finished seventh (11:24.14).

WCHS sophomore Kasey Montgomery placed second in the girls' high jump (four feet, four inches) and sophomore Abbie Hudson was 10th (four feet).

Black placed third in the girls' triple jump (34 feet, eight inches) and sophomore Raven Upton finished eighth (28 feet, eight inches).

WCHS sophomore Allison Ferguson won the girls' pole vault (11 feet) and freshman Jillian Elmore placed fifth (eight feet).

WCHS freshman Legend Burgess was runner-up in the girls' discus (102 feet) and freshman Eyislea Lea-Hendon was 10th (63 feet, one inch).

Burgess placed third in the girls' shot put (32 feet, four and a half inches) and Lea-Hendon was fourth (31 feet, two and three quarter inches).

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