• Laura Lynn O’Nan Education Coordinator

A lifetime of love

Every year, the first full week in May is set aside to celebrate National Pet Week. Join millions of dedicated pet owners in showing the love and appreciation all your furry family members deserve! Every moment of every day our pets show us their devotion as a companion and all they ask for back is unconditional love. Take the time this week to celebrate the bond you have with your pet.

Here are five ways you can show your extra appreciation for your four-legged friend:

• Be adventurous:

Go exploring with your pet on a new walking or hiking trail together. Take in all the sights, sounds and smells that come with being out in the great outdoors. Invite some friends to join in on the fun and document the great adventure with a couple of selfies.

• A new trick:

Go against the old wives’ tale and teach your pet a new trick. Age shouldn’t slow you down, pets young and mature can learn new moves. You may be surprised how quickly they can pick up a new habit using a few yummy treats. Start off simple and work up to more complex.

Don’t push your pet or yourself to frustration. Enjoy yourselves; it should be a fun experience for the both of you.

• Schedule a checkup:

It is never a waste of time to schedule your pet for a routine wellness exam. This simple checkup can alert you to changes in your pet’s health that may become a serious if not treated. Early signs of deteriorating eyesight or dental hygiene are just a couple of common issues that can be caught by your veterinarian and treated to keep them from becoming worse.

• Adopt:

Do you have extra space in your home for a new furry family member? Look into adopting a pet. Here at the Adoption Center there are dozens of dogs and cats, as well as a couple of guinea pigs, that are ready to find their new forever homes. Stop by and visit with all our available pets today. You may find your new best friend.

• Volunteer:

Get involved with us. What a great way to celebrate National Pet Week by volunteering your time with pets. We are always looking for new volunteers to help clean, socialize and give our homeless pets a little extra love while they wait for their forever homes. We offer a volunteer orientation once a month. We would love for you to join us and learn what makes this place so special. Contact us for available dates and times at 859-873-5491. Quality time spent with our pets brings us all so much enjoyment. Get out and about this week and enjoy each other’s companionship. Give your pets extra cuddles and scratches under the chin, and maybe an extra treat or two. Pick up a new toy or play their favorite game a little longer. There is nothing like a best friend at your side to share a lifetime of love. For information on our adoptable pets or volunteering, contact the Adoption Center at 859-873-5491.

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