• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Council passes WM Bridge resolution

The Midway City Council Monday unanimously endorsed a joint resolution with Scott County Fiscal Court urging the state to repair or replace the Weisenberger Mill Bridge as soon as possible.

The bridge, which connects Woodford and Scott counties, has been closed since July 1, 2016.

Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said the bridge was a topic of discussion at a recent Scott Fiscal Court meeting he attended with Council

Member Johnny Wilson, City Clerk Sonya Conner and several Woodford County and Zion Hill residents. He said Scott County officials agreed that he would draft the resolution.

It states the bridge closure has:

“ … caused the Scott County residents of Zion Hill to be bounded from the rest of their county, causing longer EMS response times and a greater sense of anxiety in the community.”

“ … increased costs to the City of Midway for road paving as well as increased traffic from diverted commuters, including through residential neighborhoods where children play.”

Frustrated Scott and Woodford county residents with reopening delays, and that many now deem it a threat to public safety.

The resolution asks the state to make required repairs or replacements to reopen the bridge as soon as possible and for the Transportation

Cabinet to update the public “clearly, consistently and regularly” on their progress.

Animal ordinance

The council heard first reading of an ordinance already passed by Woodford Fiscal Court designed to set new standards for pet shelters and inhumane treatment of animals. Key provisions include:

Adequate shelter is defined as being “sufficient enough to protect the animal from weather conditions that may cause suffering, based on the species, breed, body condition, and health of the animal.” The shelter must have a solid floor, at least three solid walls or sides, a solid roof, proper ventilation and bedding.

Leashes must “be attached to a properly fitting collar/harness designed to be a holding device. The tether and collar shall be of a weight and material appropriate for the species, breed, condition, and size of the animal …”

The area around leashes, which can be no less than 10 feet long, must be free of objects which could become entangled in them.

Garbage contract

Vandegrift said the city’s three-year garbage and recycling contract with Rumpke expires in June and that the city will soon issue a RFP (request for proposal) for a new deal. He said he didn’t expect Rumpke’s price to change, as it was increased last time.

Water problems

Former Council Member Sharon Turner appeared before the council to discuss her January water bill and suggest that the council consider changing its present “no adjustment” policy.

Turner, who lost a 2014 bid for mayor, said her January bill of $217 showed that she used 11,000 gallons – more than five times her 2,000 gallon average. A visit by a plumber showed no leak, and Turner said she had neither a hot tub nor swimming pool.

Vandegrift and Council Member John McDaniel agreed that the council should consider revising the ordinance, with Vandegrift suggesting an annual adjustment “with parameters.”

Public Works and Services Committee Chair Bruce Southworth said the committee voted to waive late fees for Turner and the council unanimously backed the proposal.

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