• By: Laura Lynn O’nan Education Coordinator

Alberta and Reece

Thinking of getting a pet for the first time or you’re just naturally drawn to small cuddly creatures? What about adopting a guinea pig (or two)? We currently have two female guinea pigs available for adoption. Alberta, three years old and Reece, two years old, are both waiting patiently to find their new forever home(s). These two cuties are definitely full of curiosity and spunk. They stay active and are entertaining to watch as they play tag and push toy balls around.

Alberta and Reece want you to know what makes guinea pigs so special. Most people wouldn’t realize just how adorable and unique these sweet, furry critters are. They have great personalities that literally pop when they are happy. Also known as “popcorning,”- guinea pigs like to show their excitement and happiness by jumping for joy. They jump straight up in the air over and over as if they are popping like kernels. It is a sight to see!

Guinea pigs are easy keepers and with enough attention, space and the essential diet needs, they can live as long as eight years. Their diet consists of clean, fresh water, hay, fresh veggies and a small dish of pellet food, formulated just for them. Keep in mind, their enclosures need to contain enough room to have separate spots for sleeping, eating, playing and going to the bathroom. However, cleaning is usually pretty easy and consists of spot cleaning daily and changing the bedding out as needed.

These adorable low-maintenance “piggies” make great first-time pets. They enjoy the company of people and learn quickly to recognize and respond to the presences of their owners. Like dogs and cats, they get filled with excitement the moment their owners walk through the door. Often times they will squeal with delight and try their best to reach their owners. These cuties are also known for being well-behaved pets with children. They are generally quiet, gentle and snuggly and adapt well to the environment around them, whether it’s calm and quiet or busy.

Guinea pigs may be small in size, but they give big cuddles and lots of love. Alberta and Reece represent these adorable creatures well with their sweet personalities and their big hearts. They are a little shy at first, but warm up quickly with some gentle snuggles. What is stopping you from taking these beauties home? Come by the Adoption Center and visit with them today. Feel free to contact us at manager@woodfordhumane.org or 859.873.5491 for more information.

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