• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Council approves sewer bonds

The Versailles City Council Tuesday voted 5 to 0 to allowing the issuance of $14.225 million in water and sewer revenue bonds to finish paying for the city’s $20 million overhaul and expansion of its sewage treatment plant.

Council Member Ann Miller was absent.

A 10 percent “adjustment” to the bonds is permitted. At the last council meeting, Stan Kramer of First Kentucky Securities said the bonds will “go to market” May 23.

A $10 million bond issue in 2016 provided the initial funding for the plant. The new bonds will pay for the rest of the sewer plant work and the last phase of the city’s six-year sewer system rehabilitation.

The sewage plant will be completed in September 2019, while the sewer system rehab will be finished next spring, according to Public Works Director Bart Miller.

In a related matter, the council unanimously approved a low bid by Smith Contractors of Lawrenceburg of $2,217,364 to complete work on the sewer system rehabilitation.

Water rates

The council heard first readings of three ordinances reflecting an increase in the Kentucky River Authority’s withdrawal fee from 17 cents to 26 cents per 1,000 gallons. Mayor Brian Traugott said the city had little notice of the 53 percent increase and would get no extra revenue from the increase. The ordinances covered customers inside and outside city limits and wholesalers of city water.

The council unanimously approved an ordinance adjusting the way sewer bills can be adjusted. Requirements for a possible adjustment include:

No water from a leak has entered the sewer system.

The bill must exceed the customer’s average bill by at least two times.

“Reasonable efforts” to locate the leak and begin repairs must be taken within 14 days from the date of the bill indicating the leak.

An adjustment may occur only after all leaks have been repaired and verified by city staff.

The number of adjustments possible drop from two to one per year.

State road money

The council voted unanimously for a resolution allowing the city to enter into an agreement with the state Transportation Cabinet and accept $171,306.74 in municipal road aid funds for fiscal year 2019, which begins July 1. The city must set aside three percent ($5,129.20) of the money for an emergency fund.

GIS renewal

The city renewed its two-year contract with the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission for GIS (geographic information system) work at a rate of $46.57 per hour for up to 15 hours. Any hours beyond 15 must be approved by the city. The deal takes effect July 1.

Versailles Housing Authority

Betty Howard was unanimously appointed to the Versailles Housing Authority for a four-year term that will end April 30, 2022.

WCHS lacrosse team

The council unanimously endorsed a resolution honoring the Woodford County High School girl’s lacrosse team for their state championship the preceding weekend. Traugott said a copy of the resolution will be sent to each player.

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