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Public Records - May 24th

District Court

Week of May 17

Mary Jane Phelps, judge


Speeding – Sarah M. Ali, $143 plus state traffic school; Kenton S. Devine, combined with no/expired registration plates, $183; Erica J. Edmiston, $143 plus state traffic school; Toben S. Fields, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, $443; Dylan C. Jones, $163; Toby A. Truitt, $173.

Disregarding traffic light – Juan Cabrera, combined with no operator’s/moped license, $268.

DUI – Joseph L. Eustice, $743; Luis Rodriguez, $743; Billie D. Roberts, $575.

Failure of owner to maintain required insurance – Keegan T. Gassett, $243.

No operator’s license in possession – Alec W. Gilbert, $193.

Disregarding stop sign – Jimmy W. Hale, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license and booster seat violations, $268.

Operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license – Philip Mabika, $193; Leanders A. Rivers, $343.

Driving on DUI-suspended license – Kris A. Shell, combined with failure to wear seatbelt, $418.


Possession of marijuana – Melissa L. Wolfe, Sellersburg, Ind., combined with improper use of left lane, $335.50.

Disorderly conduct, second-degree – Heidi Hilen, Lexington, $260.50.

Trafficking in marijuana – James J. Hinkle, Frankfort, combined with failure to wear seatbelt, $210.50 plus two days with credit.

Police Reports

Versailles police responded to 16 non-injury accidents, issued three citations/summonses and made three arrests.

On May 18, police made an arrest on Midway Road for DUI and first- and second-degree possession of a controlled substance.

On May 20, a Kentucky EPO was reported violated on Huntertown Road.

On May 16, criminal littering was reported at a home on Woodlake Road.

On May 20, police made an arrest on the U.S. 60 Bypass for trafficking in cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On May 18, police issued a citation/summons on Lexington Road involving DUI, careless driving and failure to/improper signal.

On May 20, a Hyundai Elantra at Quad/Graphics was reported vandalized, with damage estimated at $400.

On May 18, a cell phone was reported stolen from a home on Laval Heights.

On May 14, passing a loading school/church bus was reported on Normandy Road.

On May 16, an air conditioner on Powhatan Trail was reported vandalized, with damage estimated at $500.

On May 14, $60 in cash was reported stolen from a vehicle on Tyrone Pike.

On May 14, police made an arrest on South Main Street for first- and second-degree possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

On May 14, $5 in cash and a taser worth $200 were reported stolen from a vehicle on Keokuk Court.

On May 16, police issued a citation in a Clifton Road park for possession of marijuana.

On May 14, $5 in change, a passport and visa were reported stolen from a vehicle on Keokuk Court.

On May 16, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on Will Parkway that caused $200 in damage to a mailbox.

On May 14, $5 in change and sunglasses worth $200 were reported stolen from a vehicle on Blackhawk Circle.

On May 15, $40 in cash and a vehicle title were reported stolen from a vehicle on West Leestown Pike.

On May 14, fraudulent use of a credit card was reported at Woodford County High School.

On May 15, a counterfeit $20 was reported at Kroger.

On May 15, a Cadillac STS was reported vandalized in a Marsailles Road parking lot.

On May 15, first-degree arson and third-degree criminal trespassing were reported at a West Leestown Pike farm, with damage to a mobile home estimated at $5,000.

On May 7, a citation/summons was issued on West Leestown Pike in Midway.

Fire Reports


Versailles firefighters performed 18 EMS assists during the past week.

On May 17, they assisted in a search for a lost person in Lancaster.

On May 19, they responded to a rubbish fire on Ryan Court.

On May 20, they responded to a gas leak on Meadow Lane and a smoke detector on Bryanwood Drive.

On May 21, they responded to a malfunctioning smoke detector on Seth Drive.


On May 15, firefighters responded to a mobile home fire on West Leestown Road.

On May 16, they responded to a vehicle accident on the Bluegrass Parkway.

On May 17, they responded to a vehicle accident on the Bluegrass Parkway.

On May 18, they responded to a vehicle accident on Hanover Drive and a smoke alarm set off by burnt food on Gleneagles Way.

On May 21, they cleaned glass off the road on U.S. 60 West and responded to an illegal muck burn on Lexington Road.

Public Records


Petitions for the dissolution of marriage – Alan L. Olsson vs. Elizabeth A. Fisher; Virginia S. Webb vs. Ryan G. Webb.

Woodford Coalition, et al., vs. Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission for judgment that 2018 Comprehensive Plan violated 2011 Comprehensive Plan and 2016 Goals and Objectives. (See news brief on page six.)

Terry Givens vs. Floyd Raglin, et al., for $12,545.81 plus interest, costs, expenses and attorney fees claimed due on a debt.

Karen L. Robbins vs. Marquita M. Thomas for temporary custody of minor child.


Alexa King Bolland and Eric J. Bolland to Ben Walden and Elaine Walden, 3345 Oregon Road, $255,900.

Suzanne S. Gaines, as co-executor of the Barbara W. Smith estate and individually, and Sharon S. Rankin, as co-executor of the Barbara W. Smith estate and individually, to Thomas A. Rankin III, 107 Camden Avenue, other consideration.

Emily Anne Bruner to Reed William Cripps II, 2170 Huntertown Road, quitclaim deed.

John Langston and Lisa M. Langston to John Langston, 2024 Rose Bay, $1, quitclaim deed.

Donna Vee Miller, as trustee of the Donna Vee Miller trust, to Michael A. Henry and Kelley L. Henry, 187 Cypress Road, $245,000.

Matthew E. Morrison and Hannah Morrison to Brandon J. Lone and Andrea Opell, 112 Carriage Lane, Midway, $201,000.

Thomas A. Rankin III and Sarah B. Rankin to Byron W. Marlowe and Britney Marlowe, 207 Duncaster Road, $215,000.

Nancy G. Atkins, James H. Atkins Jr. and Susan Grosser Glinton to Clyda L. Henderson, 143 Sugartree Lane, $250,000.

Patty Molnar, as executor of the Iola C. King estate, to Robert C. Jacobsen and Elaine J. Jacobsen, 238 Ashby Circle, $192,500.

Donald A. Stinnett and Deborah F. Stinnett to William M. Morris, 391 Colony Drive, $225,000.

Herbert L. Brown and Teressa J. Brown to Christopher C. Brown and Ashley S. Brown, 905 Elliston Lane, $285,000.

Nichole Rae Lesniewski to Timothy David and Jacqueline Brittany Magill, 126 Chestnut Lane, $133,000.

Geraldine J. Berry to More Real Estate, LLC (Elias O. Mashni, member), 111 Bell Avenue, $72,000.

Woodford Investments, LLC (Paul Edwards and Bruce Marshall, members) to DDHD Properties, LLC (Keith Aaron Doan and Jason Alex Harper, members), 147 and 149 Dan Drive (Springview Apartments), $1,164,988.

Richard L. Elam and Katherine H. Elam to DDHD Properties, LLC, 151 Dan Drive (Springview Apartments), $495,000.

Centrust Capital Homes, LLC to James H. Syvarth and Charlene Syvarth, 133A Rumsey Circle, $294,220.

Allison Stewart Wright to Tony Lee Risen, 226 South Hill Drive, quitclaim deed.

Impact Construction, LLC (Mike Thomas, member) to Lynn E. Farmer and Nancy A. Farmer, 208 Troon Court, $252,500.

Bonnie W. Baugh and Virginia Baugh to Ron W. Baugh and Virginia L. Baugh, as co-trustees of the Ron W. Baugh and Virginia L. Baugh revocable living trust, 405 Normandy Road, $1.

Erin McElwain and Grant McElwain to Janet K. Smith and John C. Vance, 2064 Rose Bay Road, $305,000.


Vicki Lynn Crowe and Timothy Lawrence Long; Kaitlin Marie Amick and Larry Wayne Blackburn; Megan McConnell Cleveland and Jonathan David Schwetscenau; Patrick Eugene Wilhoit and Emily Carol Crocket; Ashley Nicole Wolfe and James Patrick Perry; Mary Elizabeth Lynch and Landon Evan Skaggs; Heather Renee Laws and Joshua Donavon Slone; Leanndra Sheena Henson and Jake Austin Thomason.

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