• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Water comes into WCHS band room during heavy rain

Rainwater came into the band room at Woodford County High School during a heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds last Wednesday afternoon, May 16, schools Superintendent Scott Hawkins confirmed on Monday.

“It can happen if we just have a huge amount of rain in a short period of time or if we have a prolonged rain incident where it just rains for days,” said Hawkins. In this case, he said heavy rainfall in a short period of time caused water to puddle on the band room floor last Wednesday.

The back of the high school building is located in a low area and it’s difficult for a storm drain to handle all of the water during a heavy rain event, according to Hawkins. He said water that didn’t go down the drain came into the band room.

“We’ve asked our architect to come back there and look to see if there’s anything that can be done to alleviate some of that. I guess it wasn’t addressed in the ’96 renovation (or a previous renovation),” said Hawkins. He said rainwater has come into the band room before during torrential rains.

Besides some damage to sheet music, Hawkins said he was not aware of any instruments or other instructional materials being damaged in last week’s rainstorm.

A video showing rainwater on the high school’s band room floor was posted on Facebook.

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