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June 10, 1897… Versailles City School’s commencement will be held at the Courthouse next Tuesday evening, June 15. The school board has reelected all the present teachers for next term.

Circuit Court adjourned with a hung jury on the Evans Estate vs. Southern Railway case. Eight jurors were for the plaintiff.

Messrs. Collins, Graddy, Wooldridge, Howard, Dawson and Stevenson, of the Woodford Fox Hunting Club, sold last Friday to W.A. Richards, manager of the Guy Cliff Fox Hunting Club of Cleveland, a pack of eight dogs, foxhounds, by the famous racing dog, Search. These local gentlemen have been breeding foxhounds for a number of years and have used nearly exclusively the Maupin and Walker stock and have the finest dogs that can be found.

The order in the divorce suit of Mary Viley McFerran and James C. McFerran requires the two children, who are in the custody of their mother, to be sent to their father, in Louisville, for ten days in June, October, January, February and April. James C. McFerran is also required to pay two-sevenths of income from a trust fund for support of the children.

The handsome residence property of Mrs. W.M. Shipp was sold at auction last Saturday to K.K. Combs at $3,500. The price is considered quite low. Mr. Combs will make some improvements and then move in.

John Andrew Steele of Midway has been elected first vice president of the Kentucky Historical Society. The society dates from 1879 and original incorporators were Henry Watterson, Henry T. Stanton, E. Polk Johnston, Stoddard Johnston, Mrs. Leslie Collins, Mrs. Jennie C.

Morton, J. Proctor Knott and other literary and political people. The society has a collection of items connected to Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton and other pioneers.

W.P. Evans of Versailles, former Midway resident and for several years an employee of Hope Mills in Versailles, may become the manager of the Paris Flouring Mills.

Miss Stella Williams resigned last week as principal of the City School and Mrs. Hattie Hicks, first assistant, was elected to the vacancy. Miss Mattie Hughes and Miss Mary Morris move up accordingly.

A freight wreck at Duckers Station on the L&N Thursday morning delayed all trains several hours, it being necessary to transfer both passengers and baggage.

Acting on instructions from the city fathers, the police arrested last Thursday three tramps and found a pistol on one of them. All were given jail time and fines. Tuesday, while at the rock quarry, the guard stepped away for a brief time. The prisoners have not been heard from since.

June 5, 1919… Midway High School graduated this month its first four-year class. The graduating class numbered two members. An observer remarked that bigger and better graduating classes were on the way, because the past two years had been so disturbing to young people, because of the war, and that high school attendance had been greatly affected due to the boys being offered men’s wages if they would drop out of school and go to work. All graduating classes in central Kentucky high schools were much lower in 1919 than in times past. Midway’s two graduates are Miss Ada Epstein and George Logan.

W.T. Mason suffered severe bruises Saturday when his motorcycle struck a rock in the pike near the Witherspoon place on the Versailles Road, throwing him to the ground. No bones were broken, and he had a miraculous escape from serious injury.

Dr. A.J.A. Alexander, formerly a Korean missionary, will lecture on that Asian nation next Sunday at the Presbyterian Church.

Dr. W.J. McGlothlin, who has filled the Baptist pulpit in Midway in the past, has been selected as president of Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina.

The 1918-19 influenza epidemic in Kentucky resulted in half the population coming down with the ailment and about 16,000 dying as a result.

Misses Ambrose Anderson and Juliet Lee Risque attended a dance given by Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at the University of Kentucky’s Buell Armory.

The Frazier Graves farm of 93 acres, on the Oregon and Sellers Mill Pikes, was sold at auction to Charles B. Wilson for $131.50 an acre on Saturday.

The telephone building has been completed in Versailles and a modern switchboard is being installed by Supt. Mobyes and staff.

J.D. Young, 73, died Tuesday just three months after the death of his wife. He leaves two sons and five daughters.

George T. Davis, 353rd Infantry, who arrived Wednesday at Camp Taylor from his overseas assignment, received his discharge Friday.

June 6, 1941… Col. E.R. Bradley’s Idle Hour Farm welcomed a new thoroughbred colt foaled at his Idle Hour Farm on St. Patrick’s Day. John A. Rodgers, of Midway, taking note that the colt was born on that important Irish day, and also noting that all Bradley horses had names beginning with a “B”, suggested the name “Botany Bay” as suitable, since that is a section in Ireland near the racing center of that nation.

The Kentucky State Historical Society, at its annual Boone Day meeting on June 7, received an oil portrait of U.S. Senator and former Governor A.B. Chandler. Gov. Keen Johnson accepted the gift from the Rev. John N. Dudine, Louisville, representing friends of the former governor.

F.J. Lewis accepted a post as new barber in C.B. Wilson’s shop in Midway. Mr. Lewis comes to Midway from Lexington and fills the vacancy created by the recent resignation of A.R. Breeden, who has opened a shop of his own in Lexington. Mr. Breeden recently purchased a home on the Versailles-Lexington Pike and expects to move there in September.

A total of 880 citizens registered to vote in the August primary in the registration period which closed Monday. Those registering included people who had turned 21 since the last time to register; people who had not voted for two years; and those who had moved from one precinct to another. Of the total, 859 were listed as Democrats, 19 as Republicans and two as Independents.

Ralph Edward Johnson, James Wesley Taylor, James Elmer Howard and William Britton left June 5 for Louisville and their induction physicals. James Tyler and Williams Darneal, who left Monday, have been accepted for service.

One man was killed and three others injured in an auto accident two miles from Versailles on the Clifton Pike at about 8 a.m. Sunday. Riley

Jackson Lewis, 38, of Versailles, lived only about 20 minutes. Howard White, 45, suffered a concussion and scalp injuries, and James Mack, 30, suffered head and internal chest injuries, and Branch Canada, suffered head wounds. The car ran off the road and hit a locust tree. Lewis was the son of Martha Jane Nuckols and T.G. Lewis, and is survived by his wife, Nora, and two sons, Jack and James Lewis. Three brothers, Oscar, Allen and Chester, also survive. Lewis was a native of Leslie County. Burial was in the Versailles Cemetery.

Thomas Medley, of Owensboro, has become superintendent of the Old Colonel Distillery near Midway, succeeded Desmond Beam, resigned. The Medleys have been in the distillery business for many years. M/M Medley are stopping at the Davis Hotel in Midway.

Twenty-three sheep of the flock owned by Jack and Joe Rogers, Big Sink Pike, were killed or crippled by dogs Friday night. Numerous sheep have been killed thusly in the county in recent weeks.

Woodford County, with the lowest tax rate in the state, lowered its rate from 37 cents to 32 cents, subject to approval by Fiscal Court. The budget commission consisted of Judge Matt Blackard, County Attorney Marshall Dawson and banker E.A. Davis.

Growers of wheat in Woodford County voted 86 to 1 in favor of marketing quotas for the ensuing year.

The following eight girls received diplomas from Margaret Hall School on Monday: Misses Lillie Mae McLemore, Marie Louise McCown, Laura Browning, Florence Seitz, Louise Geng and Amelia Harrington. Each received college preparatory diplomas, while Misses Patricia Coder and Susanna Sousley received general diplomas. Misses Geng and Harrington were graduated with distinction.

A party and dance were given Friday night in honor of Keller Bond Campbell on his 17th birthday by his mother, Mrs. Olson Parrott, and Dr. Parrott at their Elm Street home. Sixty-nine guests from Versailles, Frankfort and Midway were present .

Dr. and Mrs. Terhune moved Monday to the S.T. Yount cottage in Midway.

M/M Calvin Hill moved to the home of Mrs. James Starks last week. Mrs. Starks has moved to Danville.

M/M Milton Lacefield and family moved Saturday to their new home on the Georgetown Pike. M/M Harold Gatrell moved to their home vacated by the Lacefields.

A marriage license was issued for David Brown Sanders, 29, student, of Tucson, Arizona, and Miss Betsey M. Harriss, 21, Lexington and Versailles.

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