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Midway Council approves fiscal ’19 budget

Despite an earlier difference of opinion over the need for another budget work session, the Midway City Council Monday unanimously approved a budget for fiscal year 2019, which begins July 1.

Spending in the budget includes $1,809,273 from the general fund, $36,540 from the special fund, $2,000 from the cemetery fund, $372,993 from the sewer fund and $660,950 from the water fund. The budget also includes a 25 percent property tax rate cut.

At the council’s May 21 meeting, Council Member Bruce Southworth proposed a second budget work session, and afterwards, said he had some questions about park funding. The following day, Vandegrift told the Sun that he was disinclined to call a budget work session and that no council members had asked for one after receiving the agenda for the council meeting the previous Friday.

Parks funding for fiscal 2019 includes $10,000 for maintenance and $17,000 for Walter Bradley Jr. Park, the latter of which will be overseen by the citizen-led Midway Parks Board with council input. John Holloway, who chairs the Parks Board and was recently named “Midway Citizen of the Year” by the council, attended Monday’s meeting, but did not speak, nor did Southworth or other council members.

After the vote, Vandegrift said while this year’s budget process was not as smooth as last year’s, there’d never been a city budget of which he was prouder.

“Cutting property taxes 25 percent and then increasing investments – I give (the council) so much credit because you added to those investments in the budget. … No (other government) in the state of Kentucky is doing this right now. So kudos to you all,” Vandegrift said.

Blighted properties

Vandegrift said a May 30 work session on blighted properties went well and he would schedule another around the end of June. He said with an increasing number of recreational vehicles (RVs) parked around town, the council should consider strengthening “weak language” regarding where RVs can be parked. The present ordinance allows RVs to be stored behind homes or in side yards “where possible,” he said.

Vandegrift asked city attorney Phil Moloney to begin work on a possible amendment to the law.

Hope for Tomorrow 5-K

An event permit was unanimously approved for the third annual Hope for Tomorrow Children’s Home 5-K on Nov. 3. Organizer Amy Scarboro said she hopes at least 100 runners will take part in the charity event. Last year, 82 people participated, she said.

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