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This week in Midway was about reunions. One big reunion was the annual reunion of the graduates and former students of Midway High School. Even though all the graduating classes have been recognized throughout the years, the group continues to meet every June. The group met in the Fellowship Hall of the Midway Baptist Church.

It’s always fun to see who shows up for this reunion and listen to them tell stories about Midway and attending Midway High school. I like the part where they recognize those who’ve traveled the farthest to attend and other categories, including the oldest attendee. This year Pauline Britton was recognized as the oldest living Midway High School graduate. She was a member of the class of 1940.

Doris Leigh was honored at the reunion as she was presented a wreath from “The Milam House.” She has never missed a Midway High School Alumni banquet and has constantly contributed to the success of the annual Midway High School Alumni celebration. (Pictured are Don Wright, Doris Leigh, Margie Atwood and Shirley Shuck.)

The Parrish, Roach, Walden, Rouse family line had a reunion last weekend. They came from as far away as California, with the majority of the family keeping their roots right here in Midway. Somebody at one of the gatherings stated, “You can’t throw a stone in Midway without hitting someone from the Parrish linage,” although I can’t imagine why anyone in Midway would be throwing stones. Saturday night, the family gathered to look at old pictures, projected and hard copies, but I liked the graphs that showed how they were connected. The family has resided in Midway for seven generations, with James Ware Parrish making the first mark on the town when he co-founded the Kentucky Female Orphan School, now known as Midway University.

To tie all this reunion stuff together there was another reunion. It was a reunion of houses and properties once owned by the Parrish families. Over 300 visitors to Midway came to town to tour those houses. The tour was hosted by the Midway Woman’s Club.

The tours included Southern Equine Farm — formerly Parrish Hill Farm, where several thoroughbreds of note were Parrish Hill Farm, where several thoroughbreds of note were bred, including Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Charismatic; Pinkerton-Rouse Place — home to the president of Midway University, Porter House — built around 1840; Village View Cottage — formerly located at Parrish Hill Farm; Parrish Place — now Midway Small Animal Clinic; Parrish Homeplace — Dearborn, circa 1810, the home of patriarch James Ware Parrish; owned by Darby Dan Farm.

Proceeds from this very successful event will benefit the Woman’s Club, a non-profit group dedicated to helping Midway families and the community.

There was one other reunion in Midway right after school was out in Scott County. Several Scott County teachers made their way to Mezzo’s downstairs bar. It was really interesting to stand back and enjoy the happy smiles on their faces. They looked like they had just been released from prison (sorry it was the best thing I could come up with). If their students made as much noise in the classroom as they did in the bar they would be in detention for a week.

I’m not complaining. I am happy for every one of them; Lord knows they have had a tough year and I hope they enjoy the summer………. “Bless their hearts.”

There will be a Midway Renaissance Board meeting this Thursday night, June 7, at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Midway Branch Library in the conference room. There is a monthly board meeting the first Thursday of each month, same time and place. Any and all are welcome to attend. We will be discussing Francisco’s Farm Art Fair and the upcoming Midsummer Nights in Midway event.

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