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Woodford County High School Awards

The following students received honors for the 2017-2018 school year in arts and humanties:

In Advanced Choir, Logan Curtis and Cierra Griffin received certificates. Charlie Davis and Eliza Bradshaw received medals.

In Concert Choir, Hudson Pittman and Brandon Jones received certificates. Hunter Miranda received a medal.

In Piano, Jordan Sims and Colin Charles received certificates. Katie Gatewood and Riley Jerdon received medals.

In Hand bell Choir, Victoria McDaniel and Tylan Tucker received certificates. Hannah Campbell and Alex Sowder received medals.

In Introduction to Art, Noah Hayes, Nicole Feldner and Jaylan Washington received certificates. Hope Mitchell received a medal.

In Drawing, Benjamin Luddeke received a certificate. Sophie Wingo received a medal.

In Painting, Morgan Elmore received a certificate. Jessica Amezcua received a medal.

In Honors Arts, Nicole Eller received a certificate. Chelsea Call received a medal.

In AP Studio Art, Hannah Kincaid received a medal.

In Music Appreciation, Zavier Wu received a certificate. J.C. Dyer received a medal.

In AP Music Theory, Bryan Caldwell received a certificate. Sean Dunn received a medal.

In Intro to Theater, Jaid Goh, Kennedy Johnson and Melody Gilpin received certificates. Kevin Lausche received a medal.

In Theatre II/Theatre Touring Company, Conner Akers, Wesley Forte and Nate Whitlock received certificates. Emily Brookfield received a medal.

In Overall Arts & Humanities, Lauren Smiley received a plaque.

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