• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Sports Editor

Arrow Jackets compete at NASP world tournament

The Woodford County High School archery team competed at the National Archery in the Schools Program's world tournament June 8-10 in Louisville. WCHS freshman Shaun Lavin led the boys' team with 285 points including 18 tens. Freshman Caleb Rockhold shot a 282, sophomore Devon Wilson had a 277, and freshman Shanon Howell shot 267. WCHS junior Aaron Collings shot a 267, junior Abran Santos shot 262, sophomore CJ Tupman shot 259 and sophomore Jeremiah Greathouse shot 242. WCHS sophomore Evan Watson and freshman Nathan Jackson each shot a 230. WCHS senior Zack Pettyjohn finished with 223 points. Girls WCHS freshman Anemone Rishel shot a 273 to lead the Lady Arrow Jackets. WCHS junior Morgan Murray shot a 269 and freshman Julia Brillowski finished with 266. WCHS freshman Melody Gilpin shot 266 freshman Lauren Hall finished with 263 and freshman Hailey Kraft had 262. WCHS sophomore Emily Morrison shot a 262, freshman Osiana Zinn had 257 and sophomore Madison Hill shot 252. WCHS senior Arianna Washington shot 249, freshman Makenna Hewlett had 241, and sophomore Ginny Gregory finished with 228. Lavin finished the season with the best individual score on the team, shooting an impressive 291 earlier this season. Rockhold and Wilson tied for second best with 289. Morrison led the girls in top performance over the season with a 281, followed by Rishel and Anna Dorsey who each had 278. 27 of the 38 WCHS archers were recognized as Academic Archers for maintaining a 3.25 or higher GPA. Front from left are Colin McGowan, Isabella Steely, Hailey Kraft, Laine Call, Anemone Rishel, Osiana Zinn, Shannon Howell, Annie Denington, Ariana Washington, Morgan Murray; second row, Joseph Miele, Melody Gilpin, Julia Brillowski, Jeremiah Greathouse, Caleb Rockhold, Ginny Gregory, C.J. Tupman, Anna Dorsey, Abran Santos, Emily Morrison and Madison Hill Back row, Nathan Jackson, Peter McGowan, Shaun Lavin, Caleb Standley, Devon Wilson, Cameron Jackson, Aaron Collings, Eli McIntosh, Evan Watson, Ethan Parker, Zack Pettyjohn Not pictured are Brodie Blair, Emily Tackett, Justin Lehmkuhler, Lauren Hall, McKenna Hewett, Shiloh Smith, Coach Cindy Peal and assistant Coach Amanda Howard. (Photo submitted)


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