• By Ryan Farley, Extension Agent

4-H/Youth Development: 4-H Cloverbud Camp

Sarah Redmon, Woodford County Extension Program Assistant Fourteen youths ages 6-8 and seven adults from Woodford County traveled Friday, June 1, to Carlisle to have the best weekend of the summer at 4-H Cloverbud Camp at North Central 4-H Camp. This was for many campers their first taste of “sleep-away-camp,” so staff and leaders took great care to create a caring community in which a Cloverbud camper could grow in confidence and begin to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of summer camp!

Campers started their days with a flag raising, including the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge, then headed off to breakfast in the dining hall. Teams that didn’t immediately go to breakfast hung out with some full-time summer staff members around the flag poles singing silly songs. After breakfast classes began, each cabin goes together to that class. Classes included canoeing, recreation, tie dye, foods, nature, rocketry, and challenge course. During the afternoon, half of the camp headed to the pool and the other half participated in cabin time. The nights brought flag lowering, then dinner, and some sort of night time activity such as s’mores or Sadie Games. Nights were capped off by the camp favorite “Sally-Down-the-Alley,” a folk dance passed down through the years that involves boys lining up in the middle of the shelter house, girls lining up on an oval around the outside, and campers skipping around the middle in between. We ended the weekend with another camp favorite, going down to the lake for reflections and setting the 4-H Clover on fire.

Overall the 2018 4-H Cloverbud Camp weekend for Woodford County was a great success. The weather was great and all the campers had a great time as they enjoyed nature, made new friends and bonded with old friends, tried something new, and established a greater sense of independence, responsibility and self- confidence.

For more information about Woodford County 4-H Cloverbuds, please email sarah.redmon@uky.edu or you can call the Woodford County Extension Office at 859-873-4601.

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