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Letters to the Editor

Support U-Haul

Editor, The Sun:

I attended the June 4 zoning meeting regarding the U-Haul Center.

The attorney for U-Haul very well covered all the legal statutes proving there are no legal issues in Kentucky law to prevent this business from operating its storage here.

I’m surprised that most opposing parties are either concerned about the traffic and appearance of the facility, or in the case of some parties, they currently own storage facilities which do not have storage available and do not want new businesses getting a piece of their pie!

I am a Woodford Countian, born here 64 years ago. I live on Marsailles Road and have since 1999. I love my neighborhood! And yes, we see traffic every day after school and after work and all day in between. Gee, seems normal to me.

Shopping centers equal traffic - traffic equals a businesses’ success or failure. Kroger, Kmart, and all the past occupants of the center have created traffic.

Do opposing parties seriously believe U-Haul will exceed that of previous occupants?

I am so upset because Kroger and Kmart can build a center anywhere they wish, let it go to ruin, then move on to a new location leaving their eyesores behind!

I’m more upset with the people of this community who are OK with these centers being abandoned, but not OK with a company who wishes to come in and revitalize them with a great plan. A plan which will benefit our community in many ways.

The center could set there for many more years and dilapidate to the ground. Is this really an option that the opposition prefers?

Jeanne Hose

Woodford County

New stores needed

Editor, The Sun:

I have lived almost all of my 81 years in Versailles and Woodford County and think it is as close to Heaven as you can get. We have the best of everything, but not quite everything we need.

For instance, we do not have an emergency road service. Recently, two very nice policemen got down and dirty to change my tire when I was stranded at the county park on a very warm Sunday afternoon. It was very much appreciated.

Some of the things we cannot purchase in Versailles are a man’s belt, lamp shades, a piece of fabric, a spool of thread, furniture, appliances, TVs, clothing, shoes, jewelry – the list goes on and on. I have never been in favor of Walmart and I still am not. Mostly because it would put too many small businesses out of business. That has happened anyway.

I really think I am too old to drive to Lexington two or three times a week, but it seems I must, because I can’t find it here. I always go with a list of things I need and often come home with the list not finished because I run out of energy.

Although I feel our elected officials do a great job, I feel they are forgetting some things. I agree the Save the Land people are necessary, but I think they go too far. Some thought should be given to us older folks who are not ready for retirement homes or the rocking chair.

Please remember us when you go to Planning and Zoning to plead against the kind of growth we need. We want a Terry’s and Cable’s, please.

Margaret Harp


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