• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Sports Editor

Woodford Wrestling Club hosts Rookie Rumble

WOODFORD WRESTLING CLUB hosted its first Rookie Rumble Sunday, June 24. The event featured wrestlers with three or fewer years experience on the mat. Pictured from left: front, Cam Yost, Bryer Rogers, Aiden Tipton, JJ Escaloni, Trevor Steele, Brycen Gray, Jakob Slugantz, Landon Yost, and Israel Slugantz.; middle, Jordan Brickhouse, Jeffrey Temprano, Caleb Rogers, Nikko Strong-Walker, Dakota Tipton, Landon Wettlaufer, Gabriel Slugantz, Braylen Livingston, Maxx Escaloni; back, WWC coaches Mike Steele, Jarvis Livingston and James Escaloni. (Photo by Bill Caine)

The Woodford Wrestling Club held the Rookie Rumble Sunday, June 24 at Woodford County Middle School. Thirty wrestlers competed in the event that featured wrestlers with less than three years of experience.

“Events like this are important because they provide exposure to beginners- what the wrestling scene looks like at an event,” said WCMS Coach Jarvis Livingston. “It's sort of like a simulation for the kids and its important to their development that they get as much mat time as possible.”

The event was designed to have no winners or losers but mainly to give kids someone new to compete against other than their regular training partner, said Livingston.

“I see more events like this in our future,” said Livingston. “With the continued support of the Woodford County School system, we feel like we can continue to grow the sport and make Woodford County the Mecca of the sport in the state of Kentucky.”

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