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Letters to the Editor

What is their plan?

Editor, The Sun:

Now that the “Against” vote prevailed, what is their plan for building a new high school? All during this campaign, we heard from the

“Against” crowd that they weren’t against kids, and all agree that we need a new high school, but they never floated an alternative plan or held a public forum about their ideas.

So, what is their plan?

Doug Curl


Support DAR, Historical Society

Editor, The Sun:

I was taught by my parents to serve, serve your community, serve your church, family, friends. However, in becoming a member of General Marquis Calmes Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and our Woodford County Historical Society, I have learned a lot in watching others serve.

When I joined, both organizations were struggling in many ways, illness had plagued both groups and they were tired, but we were blessed to have people come on board willing to use their time and talents in moving forward again.

We asked for financial help and people responded, we brainstormed, we made a plan, we set a budget, we prayed, we fixed what needed repairing, got a new air conditioner, rearranged the Historical Society, planned interesting programs, even decorated for Christmas and put candles in the windows. Some of our meetings on Saturday mornings lasted from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. We appreciated the work done before us but there was still more work to do.

There is a misconception about DAR. Some folks think it is a group of ladies having tea and bragging about their heritage. True, we are proud of our heritage, but we work for a cause. Both organizations are not political as well.

DAR always has a project. We have projects benefiting education, we help The Hindman School in Hindman, Ky., we help and support the veterans. Once we sent a jeepload of items packed in shoeboxes to our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, filled with stamps, toiletries, gum, hard candy, lip balm, Visine, etc. These women show they love their country and soldiers.

I have met some kind people with good hearts who want to help these organizations; people I would never have been blessed to meet otherwise.

If you love history, there are dedicated volunteers at Woodford Co. Historical Society who will guide you in researching your ancestry and help you become informed about our beautiful Woodford County.

Come to some of our monthly programs, meet some kind, caring, interesting people who attend, and join the Historical Society. It will be a positive move, but, most of all, help us find ways to get our youth interested in helping preserve our rich history. We desperately need young people to carry the torch for our organizations.

Dottie Jeffries, Board Member

Woodford County Historical Society Chaplain

General Marquis Calmes Society Daughters of the American Revolution

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