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Letters, we need letters

The week before the June 26 special election that decided the fate of a 5.5 cent facilities tax to build a new high school, this page was full of letters to the editor. In fact, we had so many that they spilled over onto another page, and every letter to the editor on the school tax hike whose writer we could verify was printed in our June 21 issue.

The school tax issue has been decided, but we encourage Sun readers to keep up the good work. We’d like to run several letters to the editor every week on all sorts of issues important to the community.

The rules are pretty simple: they should be 400 words or fewer, original, and include the name, address and daytime phone number of the writer for verification.

We do not run thank-you letters, personal messages or letters concerning candidates for local office, but that leaves plenty of other topics to discuss.

If possible, please email your letters to news@woodfordsun.com or john@woodfordsun.com. If you can’t email them, you can mail them to us (P.O. Box 29, Versailles, 40383) or drop them off in person at 184 South Main Street.

This is your newspaper. We just work here.


John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

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