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Save money on your prescription medications

With the cost of prescription medications soaring, saving money on your medicine is more crucial than ever. Small changes can save you big bucks at the pharmacy! First, we encourage you to shop pharmacies by calling and asking about the costs of more expensive medications. You may be able to save many dollars. When you have found your preferred pharmacy, be sure to ask your pharmacist about cheaper cash prices on medications. Simply ask, “Is the cash price for my medications cheaper than my co-pay?” Surprisingly, at times, the answer is yes. Additionally, talk to your doctor. Ask your physician for samples on expensive medicines, or to provide generics whenever possible. You can also ask your doctor to increase the milligrams on the medications that come in tablet form so that tablets can be split in half to save money on refills.

Another way to save money on your medications is to use your coverage’s mail order option. Many Medicare drug plans offer mail order options which provide significant savings on the cost of your prescription drugs. If these tips do not work for you, talk to your local senior citizens center about community resources available in your county. Additionally, you can call our office for help with a Patient Assistance Program application. Drug manufacturers sometimes offer assistance for the costs of medications if you meet their guidelines. A SHIP counselor can help you investigate to see if you might qualify for this assistance.

If you have questions, contact Legal Aid of the Bluegrass’s State Health Insurance Assistance (SHIP) program. Your local SHIP Program is funded to help you connect with money-saving benefits those on Medicare are entitled to receive. For a free benefits checkup, call our Benefits Enrollment Center at 1-866-516-3051 or visit us online at: https://lablaw.org/benefits-enrollment-center.

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