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Andrea “Bug” Brown going into WCPS Hall of Fame

ANDREA 'BUG' BROWN will be inducted into the Woodford County Public Schools Hall of Fame in August. (Photo submitted)

Andrea "Bug" Brown will be inducted into the Woodford County Public Schools Hall of Fame in August. She graduated from WCHS in 1991 and was already a legend on the soccer field. Her legacy grew as a coach and teacher in the years following college, and now she has dedicated her life to motivating Christian athletes. I was speechless when I found out about the nomination," said Brown. “I have been truly blessed. My mom poured so much of herself into me. She taught me that with hard work and faith that anything was possible." At the age of 14, Bug was called into coaching. "There was a nice older man named Ernie Wilson who was coaching a young group of girls, and he called me over to show them some things one day," recalled Brown. "I'll never forget him because he called me Bugs. He told me to come over and show these girls how to kick a soccer ball. He ended up growing gravely ill, and on his deathbed, I made him a promise that I would continue to coach these nine-year-old girls. It was a huge undertaking for me, but I learned a lot about myself in the process." Bug was determined to be the best, she said. In the backyard, she used an old swing set as a goal and fired countless balls through the posts. "My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, and I was lucky to fall in love with this game at an early age," she said. "I channeled all of my energy into the game, and soccer just felt right to me. I understood the game, and I was able to see it at a different speed than other kids. I believe it was a gift from God for sure." At WCHS, she was a dominant force on the pitch. She was a team captain, an All-American and was a member of many All-Tournament teams. At the collegiate level, Brown played for the University of Kentucky during her freshman season, but after her coach, Mike Joy took a job at Midway College, she transferred to Midway and continued her soccer career in Woodford County. Her team at Midway earned two trips to the National Championships in Rome, Georgia. Midway College later retired her jersey. "I smile when I think about the trips that my Mom and my grandparents made to see me play," said Brown. "It's really special. Soccer has given me so many wonderful memories." As a coach at WCHS, Brown took the Class of 2000 and 2003 girls' soccer team to the state tournament. In 2004 the Lady Jackets were state runner-up. "The 2004 team was so much fun," said Brown. "They were a fun group to coach and were certainly special. Of all my coaching memories, beating Lexington Catholic in 2000 to reach the State Final Four was one I will never forget. I ran across the field and was so overcome with joy that I passed out. It was an incredible night." Brown's latest endeavor is working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She said she aims to work with athletes and help with all of the pressures of being a great student-athlete as well as a Christian, she said. "I want to encourage and motivate student-athletes to have fun in competition and to be a positive role model. I was lucky to have amazing role models growing up. Cheryl and Bill Hill were instrumental in building me into a leader. Terri Morford, Dave Noble, and Drexel Green always looked out for me and wanted me to succeed. Sharon Tippett, Lena Roark, Stan and Steve Watts always gave me their best. With all of these great motivators that I had coming up, I know I can spread the knowledge that they gave me and help kids as their careers grow. It's the least I can do for them."

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