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It was April 26, 1902 when the Midway City Council declared itself a reform administration. The council’s war cry was “Cleanliness.” The group issued an edict that all ordinances relating to health and sanitation shall be rigidly enforced, namely: The ordinances against throwing ashes and paper into the streets; ordinances against keeping hogs within the city limits; no dogs in the city except those that are licensed; and the ordinance that requires that premises to be kept in sanitary condition. In addition to the requirements, the council also requested that all citizens who are able will paint their fences and outbuildings and cooperate in beautifying and improving the town.

I’m not sure how the edict was received but I do know that the hogs running loose in town always seemed to be a problem, from the town’s beginnings until the mid-1900s. Then dogs running loose became a problem until the 1970s. The above paragraph talked about ashes and paper being thrown into the street. Apparently, homeowners became more sophisticated. My family and many others in town had fence wire rolled up about two feet in diameter for burning trash. If you were fancy, some families had a store-bought wire burner that also had wire on the bottom. These wire burners would hold all the paper trash within the wire cage. When it filled up, you would set it on fire and burn as much as you could. It was nothing to walk down a row of houses and see and smell several residents burning their trash. Of course, all this activity took place toward the rear of the houses. The trash burner in a yard was common place in everyone’s yard. The smell of burning trash was pretty common also. This practice was prohibited by city ordinance in the ‘60s and so was the burning of leaves.

It would be nice if everyone in Midway today declared everyday a day of “Cleanliness” and helped pick up trash, threw away trash in the trash containers all over the city, and, for heaven’s sake, quit throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Butts fit into trash containers too.

I just want to recognize up and coming Midwegians. All Midwegians know that there are nothing but adorable babies in our town (it must be the limestone in the water). We now have a contest winning adorable baby. Savannah Davidson, daughter of Brittany Ehrlich of Midway, took all honors in this year’s Woodford County Adorable Baby Contest in the 10 to 15-month division. We’ll have to keep track, as

I am most certain that she will be a future Ms. Woodford County Fair winner. Look out, Miss Kentucky.

What is the biggest complaint broadcast about living in Midway? “The water bill is too high. The water bill is too high.” Good news: Midway residents will soon have to find something else to complain about. In the last few months, the city council have taken actions that will help lower property taxes by 25 percent. As for the water bill, which is part of your garbage, water, and sewer bill, the sewer portion will be lowered by at least a 25 cut and maybe more. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Don’t forget, Midway Farmers’ Market is from 3 to 6 p.m. every Monday downtown in the bank parking lot.

Honor Flight KY will have two flights this fall - in September and October. Please contact Laura Riddle if you know of any veteran from Midway who would like to go. This is a one-day - make that one long day - trip from Lexington to Washington, DC. All expenses for veterans have been picked up by three organizations. Each veteran will be escorted by a guardian. Guardians must pick up their own expenses, which amount to $500. If a Midway veteran would like to go, please have them contact Laura as soon as possible at (859) 457-1524 or LDRIDD2@UKY.EDU.

The next free Community Dinner will be Monday, July 30, at 6:30 p.m. The summer menu features fresh vegetables from the Midway Farmers’ Market. All are welcome.

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