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4-H/Youth Development

Sports, physical activity and your child

Source: Nicole Peritore, UK Health Education through Extension Leadership, and kidshealth.org The beginning of a new school year is just around the corner. The new start provides an opportunity for your child to participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities, some of which include sports.

Sports are a great way for your child to get active, gain confidence, make friends and learn life skills like responsibility and teamwork. If your child has never played sports or is transitioning to a new school, check the school’s website for the types of sports they offer and whether or not your child has to try out. This is something you will want to do fairly quickly as many fall sports, like soccer, golf and football, schedule their tryouts in late summer.

Knowing your child’s personality and their abilities can help you and them determine what sport they should try. Is your child a team player? Are they strong? Do they run fast?

So your kid has no interest in sports? No big deal. One of your goals as a parent is to raise a healthy child and instill them with healthy habits, which include physical activity along with diet and emotional support. While sports are a great way to increase physical activity, it’s not the only option. Your child can be active in many different ways including:

• Playing on a playground

• Running/walking

• Dancing to music

• Biking

• Jumping rope

• Swimming

• Sledding

• Hula hoop

• Yoga You can do many of these activities with your child. Not only will your participation encourage them, but it will provide an opportunity to form stronger bonds. 4-H offers day camps, afterschool programs and school enrichment activities that focus on physical activity. Each February is also 4-H Health Month, an opportunity for all 4-H clubs to discuss health-related topics and engage in physical activity. Contact the Woodford County Office of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service for more information.

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