• Bill Caine, Woodford Sports Sun Editor

2018 WCHS tennis schedule

Girls Golf

Anderson Co. Aug. 8 (Away) Wild Turkey Western Hills Aug.9 (Home) Moss Hill Franklin Co. Aug 14 (Away) Juniper Hills Anderson Co. Aug. 16 (Home) Moss Hill Joy Invitational Aug. 18 (Away) Wild Turkey Scott Co. Aug. 23 (Home) Moss Hill Western Hills Aug. 28 (Away) Juniper Hills Franklin Co. Aug 30 (Home) Moss Hill Gene Hilen Sept. 1 (Away) Juniper Hills Tates Creek Sept. 6 (Home) Moss Hill Dunbar Sept. 11 (Away) Kearney Hills Sayre Sept. 13 (Home) Moss Hill Sayre Sept. 17 (Away) Tates Creek

Dunbar Sept. 20 (Home) Moss Hill

Boys' Golf

Flyer Classic Aug. 7 (Away) Juniper Hills

Shelby County Aug. 9 (Home) Moss Hill Collins Aug. 15 (Away) Shelbyville C.C. LCA Aug. 16 (Home) Moss Hill Western Hills Aug. 22 (Away) Juniper Hills Franklin Co. Aug. 23 (Home) Moss Hill Scott Co. Aug. 29 (Away) Cherry Blossom Anderson Co. Aug. 30 (Home) Moss Hill LCA Sept.4 (Away) Golf Course of Bluegrass Sayre Sept. 6 (Home) Moss Hill Anderson Co. Sept. 12 (Away) Wild Turkey Mercer Co. Sept 13. (Home) Moss Hill CKC Tournament Sept. 15 (Away) Connemara


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