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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

Aug. 12, 1897… An article says that Great Britain is the only naval power of the first rank. The French Navy is barely half as strong and, consequently, must be classified in the second rank. As none of the other naval powers is equal to France, they are placed in the third rank and include Russia, the U.S., Japan, Italy and Germany.

The latest official estimate of the population of the U.S. is placed at 77,000,068. It is also estimated that the present holdings of money amount to $22.54 for every man, woman and child in the country.

Everett Perkins, of Nonesuch, has three first cousins and an old friend in the Klondike gold fields at present, and his cousin, Andy Hensley, says that all the stories of the region are true. Some men have made as much as $20,000; others sometimes get $100 worth from a single pan; prices are unbelievably high; and mosquitos look like black clouds. He says it is a very hard country and the trip is anything but a pleasure, “as you will find if you ever make it.”

The Versailles baseball team has been active, losing 14-6 to Nicholasville and beating Harrodsburg 6-5. Games with Lexington and Danville were next on the list. The play of Shaw and Van Derveer was outstanding.

The Cleveland Wheel, known as the best of bicycles, which formerly sold for $100, can now be bought in Lexington for about $60.

T.W. Settle and family have moved from the Nave property to the Baptist parsonage.

Dr. Joe Lehman went to Eminence Monday to be with his brother-in-law, John D. Fremd, who is ill with typhoid fever.

Paul Sawyier, the accomplished young artist of Frankfort, was in Midway last Friday and made a sketch of the McKee Monument, situated in the west end of town on Railroad Street. The drawing was for Miss Jennie D. McKee, of Covington, a relative of the late Col. McKee.

R.A. Woolums, local agent for the Louisville Southern Railway, has been instructed to close the deal with Mrs. Oscar Taylor for her lot on which the railroad company plans to build a new depot. Price is $700. It is to be erected on the west side of the railroad. Lumber is already procured.

R.J. Warren Holt has fitted up an office on the second floor of the Deposit Bank building and will enter upon the practice of medicine at Midway.

Plug horses sold better at Lexington’s Court Day sales than ever before, and the reason is clear…the poorer class of people can now afford to go about in their spring wagons because there is no longer a toll to pay on the county roads.

C.J. Weisenberger, proprietor of the Midway Elevator, in anticipation of a large wheat crop, has erected an addition to his elevator, enlarging the capacity by 32,000 bushels to a total of 60,000 bushels.

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