• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Council undoes pavilion design vote

In a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, the Versailles City Council voted 5 to 0 to undo a unanimous vote on July 17 to pay two Lexington firms a total of $24,500 to serve as the design team for the proposed downtown pavilion and marketplace.

After the meeting, Council Member Ann Miller, chair of the council’s Pavilion Committee, said the committee didn’t formally meet to approve the proposal from CMW, an architecture firm, and GRW, the city’s engineering contractor.

“I called everybody and talked to them. We didn’t meet together. We’d all interviewed (the firms) and discussed (the matter), but after we got the actual document in, the (July 17) council meeting was coming up, so I called everybody and talked to them…” Miller said.

Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott called the mistake an “inadvertent lack of posting of a meeting” and said state Open Records law requires that notice of committee meetings be posted in two places: City Hall (the Versailles Municipal Building) and the meeting location, which is typically in council chambers.

Miller said the same contract will be reintroduced at next Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

A discussion of the pavilion was on the council’s Aug. 7 agenda, but at the request of Miller, the matter was tabled.

At the council’s July 17 meeting, members unanimously passed a resolution stating their intent to learn whether the police station can be repurposed for the project. Traugott said he didn’t know whether the price for the contract with CMW and GRW was good or bad. He also wondered whether the product would do much more than replicate a $15,000 feasibility study in 2015 by the firm that designed the Fifth

Third Bank Pavilion in downtown Lexington. Miller said CMW and GRW each offer key skill sets.

The money for the study is slated to come from the city’s downtown renovation/improvements fund. According to a joint letter from the firms, they’ll work with the Pavilion Committee on programming, site layout and grant funding.

The pavilion and market place is projected to cost about $1.75 million, with private donations and naming rights defraying some of that cost.

Property taxes The council heard first reading of an ordinance that will maintain tax rates at 5.6 cents per $100 dollars of assessed value for real property, 9.78 cents for personal property, which is self-reported, and 12 cents for motor vehicles and watercrafts.

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