• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun News Staff

Planning Commission approves auditor

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission approved an auditor at its regular meeting Aug. 9. Three bids were received, and RFH, PLLC in Lexington was chosen to audit the commission’s finances for the fiscal year ending June 30.

The recommended bid – with a range of $5,900 to $6,900 – was higher than a bid received from Jones & Associates ($5,750), a much smaller firm, and lower than Blue & Co.’s bid ($8,500), according to a memo from Planning Director Pattie Wilson to the commissioners.

It cited RFH’s experience auditing the finances of other local agencies, including the City of Versailles and Woodford County Economic Development Authority, as a factor in her recommendation to choose a higher bid. “They also provide audit services to many other governmental organizations such as libraries, cities, counties, water districts, and area development districts throughout Kentucky,” Wilson stated in her memo.

Planning Commission attorney Tim Butler reminded the commissioners that they do not have to choose the low bid if their decision’s based on a valid reason. In this case, he said RFH’s familiarity with other local agencies and government, and having an employee residing in this area justifies their choice.

“With Tim and Pattie going over this,” Commissioner Ed McLees said, “I feel confident” making a motion to approve the recommended auditor (with a cost not to exceed $6,900). The motion passed by an 8 to 0 vote, with Patty Perry absent.

Plats approved

The commission unanimously approved final record plats for 37 residential lots (Ball Homes) on Brunswick Circle and Hastings Lane in the Edmonds Cross subdivision. The plats include three open space areas (two identified as detention basins).

A bond amount of $115,454 (recommended by Versailles Assistant Public Works Director Paul Simmons and approved by the commission) will cover the costs of final surface course of pavement, sidewalks, and detention basin and site cleanup, according to a letter from Simmons.

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