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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

Aug. 26, 1897…It is said that 1,200 Cherokee Indians from Indian Territory will come to Kentucky on Sept. 2 to visit the grave of a chief, near Russellville, and to take the remains back to Indian Territory.

It is probable that the Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine and Beattyville Railroad will be sold when it’s put up at auction again. The upset price is only $160,000, which is about the amount of the Receiver’s certificates. Many of the employees who built the road have not yet been paid for their services, and they have a lien on the property. It is likely they will get something for their liens as soon as the sale is made.

Ben Ridgely left Versailles about 20 years ago to enter the newspaper business at Louisville. He left there about four years ago to become Consul at Geneva, Switzerland. A recent visitor there says he looks most distinguished and dignified, speaks fluent French, has made a fine record in his office, is prominent socially, and will probably be retained by President McKinley.

There has been public discussion about whether Hon. Henry L. Martin, of Midway, would appear as a candidate for the state senate under the Log Cabin or under the National Democratic (the gold standard party) emblem. The Republicans say that he will poll every vote in their party, but Mr. Martin says that he would not under any circumstances allow his name to go under the Republican emblem.

August Bernhard Pollei died on the 19th at the Eastern Lunatic Asylum where he had been an inmate for eight years. He was 58. He was a native of Germany and leaves a wife and six girls and one boy. His remains were brought to his former home here and burial was in the Midway Cemetery.

George Bohon, of Harrodsburg, bought 2,000 acres from the Shakers in Mercer County. The Shaker settlement at the south end of High Bridge contains some of the best land in Mercer County. This was the first transfer of real estate made by the Shakers since their settlement was organized more than 30 years ago.

Nearly every lady in Versailles went to Lexington Wednesday to see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The local baseball team split two games with Nicholasville Monday and Tuesday, losing 5-3 and winning 8-3.

T.D. Martin has accepted the position of bookkeeper and clerk with Midway Elevator.

Dr. William D. Seely, wife and four children, arrived Monday and have gone to housekeeping in the old Branham Hotel property, where Dr. Seely will also have his office. He is a brother of the late Dr. R.S. Seely.

The Quaker Doctor and his minstrel band left Monday for Versailles, where they will pitch their tent and remain for a few weeks. It is reported that the doctor sold about $500 worth of his medicines during his three week stay in Midway.

Eighteen months ago, R.S. Starks was elected Mayor of Midway and the City Council was reorganized by the resignation of some and the election of other members. The total indebtedness then was nearly $8,000, half of which was bonded. All city officers, except the police officer, agreed that the debt had to be paid and all, except the policeman, agreed to serve for a year without compensation. Now, in 18 months, the council has decreased the total debt to $3,000, which is the balance of the bonded debt. By Jan. 1, 1898, the city expects to be out of debt.

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