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4-H/Youth Development

4-H continues through high school years

Source: Rachel Noble, 4-H youth development specialist Kentucky 4-H offers programs to help youth gain skills as they grow so they can ultimately become successful adults. As youth progress into middle and high school, 4-H continues to open doors through various leadership opportunities.

Teens have the chance to complete projects and learn new skills on a higher level as senior-level 4-Hers, and they also have several leadership opportunities. While leadership training starts as soon as someone enrolls in 4-H, as many young people become leaders of local clubs early on, many of the statewide leadership roles are only available to teens.

Teen 4-Hers have opportunities to participate in statewide conferences. These conferences benefit teens by allowing them to interact with their peers, learning constructive ways to give back to their community and developing skills so they can mentor others. Teens also are able to find their voice and passion as the conferences provide a springboard for members to discuss issues that are important to them.

Teens also have the chance to apply to be a member of a statewide 4-H board related to a specific interest or to be a part of the State 4-H Teen Council, which provides input and guidance for Kentucky 4-H programing. Senior 4-Hers can run for a state 4-H officer position, which if selected, allows them to travel the state as an ambassador for the organization.

For more information on 4-H opportunities for teens, contact the Woodford Cooperative Extension Service.

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