• John McGary, Woodford Sun News Editor

Court holds line on property taxes

Woodford Fiscal Court voted 7 to 0 Tuesday to maintain the county’s real and personal property tax rates at 7 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Magistrate Linda Popp (Dist. 1) was absent.

The bank deposit rate will be 2.5 cents and the motor vehicle and watercraft rate at 9.4 cents.

The ordinance pegged the value of taxable real estate at $17,734,237 and projected the 7 cents rate would generate $1,610,090 in revenue.

The court also voted unanimously to accept calendar year 2019 tax rates for the Public Health District at 2 cents, the Fire Protection District at 6.3 cents and the Library District at 6.3 cents. The Library District will tax motor vehicles and watercraft at 2.43 cents.

State tax hikes to impact Animal Control customers

Treasurer Sabra Garman told the court she’d just learned about the effects of services taxes passed by the General Assembly on the Animal Control Department. She said she saw a story about the changes on a Lexington television station, and had received no notice from the state about the 6 percent sales tax now levied on shelter impound fees, boarding charges and vaccinations.

The tax would raise prices by 6 percent and force Animal Control employees to keep change on hand. Garman proposed raising the impound fee from $20 to $22, the daily boarding charge from $10 to $11 per day, and the 5-in-1 vaccination from $10 to $11. The court unanimously passed a motion incorporating the changes.

Storm updates

Emergency Management Director Drew Chandler and Magistrate C.L. Watts (Dist. 2) updated the court about clean-up efforts from the July 20 storm and Aug. 11 flooding in the Millville area.

Chandler asked for the court’s guidance on how long to leave two dumpsters in Millville. At the request of Watts, who represents the area, the court agreed to leave them until the court’s next meeting on Sept. 11. Watts said he was checking the dumpsters frequently to ensure they’re emptied, and praised law enforcement personnel, firefighters and road crews for their work during and after the flood.

Earlier, Maintenance Superintendent Rick Wade told the court he was awaiting final approval from KACO, the county’s insurer, before hiring a contractor to repair the fence next to the Millville Community Center. The low bid for that effort was $6,500, Wade said. Wade said the fence will be removed tomorrow and repairs on blacktop peeled off McCracken Pike will begin soon.

Speaking of the July 20 storm aftermath, Chandler credited a veterans group that works with first responders for helping move large limbs and other storm debris to curbs. He said volunteers with Team Rubicon did much of the work that government employees, who are prohibited from going on private property for such things, couldn’t.

“Team Rubicon came to the aid of Versailles and Woodford County and we appreciate their services,” Chandler said.

Inmate health services

The court unanimously approved a new contract with Southern Health Partners to provide medical care for inmates at the Woodford County Detention Center. According to the contract, the Delaware company has had a health services agreement with the county since November 2007.

County Attorney Alan George said the form of the contract was fine, but he couldn’t speak to the costs associated with the deal.

Magistrate Ken Reed (Dist. 4) said he’d read the contract, but wasn’t sure how to compare prices.

George said the deal has a 60 day opt-out clause that can be exercised without cause.

Yard sign reminder

George issued a low-key warning to candidates for political offices and their supporters: don’t put yard signs out until Oct. 1.

He said he’s already received complaints from people noting that some candidates signs are already up and wondering why they can’t put their own up.

He said in 1993, when he first ran for office, a host of candidates led to a record number of yard signs, many of which weren’t picked up long after the election. He said a zoning ordinance the following year prohibited putting out signs earlier than 30 days before the election and mandated picking them up within five days after the contest.

Penalties, which he said have never been levied in Woodford County, are $10 per day, per sign, after a five-day notice, which makes the effective legal date for installing them Oct. 1. George also reminded magistrates and attendees that political signs can never be placed in medians and rights of way and on street corners.

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