• Bill Caine, Woodford Sun Sports Editor

WCHS cross country kicks off season

WCHS JUNIOR JUSTIN LEHMKUHLER runs with the pack at the start of the high school boys’ 4k Aug. 28 at Falling Springs. Lehmkuhler finished 22nd in the season opening race. (Photo by Bill Caine)

Twenty-three cross country teams from Central Kentucky competed at 'Beat the Heat' hosted by Woodford County High School to start the 2018 season. The Jackets varsity team had four top-10 finishers and the Lady Jackets team was runner-up. WCMS eighth-grader Eva Kate Probus won the middle school girls' division. High school girls’ 4K (Top 25) The WCHS girls team was runner-up in the meet. WCHS sophomore Katie Gatewood finished 7th (16:38.39). Sophomore Abbey Bleuel was ninth (17:01.70) and freshman Morgan Reynolds was 10th (17:09.36). WCHS senior Esther Bradshaw was 13th (17.44.70) and sophomore Mckenna Hewett was 14th (17:45.57). WCHS sophomore Katherine Crain was 15th (17:49.16) and sophomore Callie Gormley was 21st (19.22.98). WCHS freshman Parker Robinson finished 23rd (19.32.92), junior Caroline Murray was 24th (19.45.76) and sophomore Emma Hayes rounded out the top 25 (20.08.42) High school boys’ 4K (Top 25) The Woodford County boys' team placed third overall. WCHS junior Kyle Holt placed fifth (12.56.13) and junior Clay Thomas finished 8th (13.10.71). WCHS senior Abran Santos finished 12th (13.36.52) and freshman Jerry Creech was 19th (14.18.36). WCHS junior Justin Lehmkuhler finished 22nd (14.26.21) and junior Colin Charles was 24th (14.27.51). Middle school girls’ 1.55 mile run (Top 25) The WCMS girls team placed third overall.

Probus placed first (10.08.70) and fellow eighth-grader Maggie Twehues was runner-up (10.13.81). WCMS eighth-grader Evelyn Hamilton finished 11th (11:06.87). Middle school boys’ 1.55 mile run (Top 25) The WCMS boys team finished in fourth place. WCMS seventh-grader Landon Wetlauffer placed 6th (9.40.34) and fellow seventh-grader Jack Lehmkuhler finished 14th (10:08.35). WCMS eighth-grader Kai Shea finished 17th (10:10.85). Boys’ 1.5 mile (Top 25) WCMS sixth-grader Chase Thurman placed 4th (6:02.90) and fifth-grader Jay Wells finished 15th (6:92.24). Girls’ 1,5 mile (Top 25) WCMS sixth-grader Macy Stickel was runner-up (6:12.96) and St. Leo School fifth-grader Charla Gormley placed third (6:25.08). St. Leo School fifth-grader Claire Seitz placed fourth (6:26.84) and WCMS sixth-grader Larkyn Hewett was 9th (6:51.87). WCMS sixth-grader Sara Joy Langdoc finished 22nd (7:28.87).

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