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Auctioneer Roy Lancaster oversees the bidding at the start of the 2017 Woodford County 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Sale. (Photo submitted)

Woodford County 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Sale

The time of the year has come again where the culmination of all projects and livestock that our members and youth invest in will pay off, literally and figuratively. The annual Woodford County 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Sale will be held today, Thursday, Sept. 6, in the Red Barn at the Woodford County fairgrounds. This event not only allows you to see firsthand the work of our youth with their projects they have kept up over the past year, but it also allows you the opportunity to invest in them and their future. This sale is the finale to a year of hard work put in by our 4-H/FFA Livestock Club members.

This sale and ham auction is unique in the sense that the members who put their projects in the sale have been there for every step of the feeding, grooming and training process. The members submitting a country ham into the auction also take a full part in the curing process from start to finish.

As a lead-up to the sale, many of our members participate in their respective events at the Kentucky State Fair. The state fair marks the completion of their project. During the state fair, 4-H members receive their final evaluation of their project.

Once at the sale, market steers, market goats, market hogs and market lambs will be up for grabs and ready for processing. The salt-cured country hams will be available for auction, and anyone from a family, organization or business is eligible to buy. Don’t be alarmed when you have a member contact you inviting you to the sale - they are hard at work promoting their products.

The top six of the senior and junior hams will be sold through the live auction process. The remaining hams will be sold via silent auction.

The senior and junior hams selected for live auction will be chosen based on their speech score received at the Kentucky State Fair. There will be approximately 35 hams available for purchase this year.

The market animals are ready for processing and the club will assist buyers in getting the animals to a processing facility. If the buyer does not want to process the animal, the buyer may choose to re-sell the animal at a nearby stockyard. In the past, some buyers have opted to have the animals processed and donated the meat to a local charity. Country hams will be ready for the buyer to take home the night of the sale.

For more information about the Woodford County 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Sale, contact the Woodford County Cooperative Extension Service at 873-4601. All potential buyers are invited to dinner, which starts at 6 p.m. with the live auction beginning at 7 p.m.

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