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A not-so laborious day

While 95 percent of Woodford County residents are celebrating Labor Day by not laboring, I am behind my desk at the Sun, pecking away.

I just finished listening to District Judge Mary Jane Phelps laugh her way through a seven-minute interview about her broken neck (how many people can chuckle about such things?) and writing the story. As she’s running unopposed this fall, I suppose it’s not unethical for me to say that she is a delight. I met her during a murder trial in Scott County 15 or so years ago during my TV days, and she is the proverbial good egg.

I just hope these column-filling musings won’t force her to recuse herself if I’m hauled before her one day. I don’t plan on committing any crimes, or at least get caught committing them, but it’d be nice to have a nice person behind the bench. In that vein, let me say that I like all members of law enforcement, from the highest judge to the newest police officer, though in Florida many years ago, I tempted fate after kinda sorta almost running a red light. An officer pulled me over and asked if I was aware what color the light had been.

I’m still not sure why I answered, “Amber?” In truth, it was more amber than yellow, and perhaps a bit red at the end. Still, cracking wise with Johnny Law, even politely, is unwise.

He let me go, God bless him.

Kids, always be polite to members of law enforcement. Consider it an investment in short sentences, or the real-life version of that Monopoly card that lets you go on your merry way.

So … after I manage 617 or so words for this column, I’ll tackle another story.

We have an internal 2 p.m. Tuesday deadline, you see, and if I don’t get some work done on Monday holidays, I’m likely to get very cranky on deadline day. No one here wants to put up with that, especially me.

But: I want to thank a certain PCS, who once again made me brownies for my birthday, which I once again shared with the gang. Well, I didn’t eat all of them, anyway. They were delicious. (You want the plastic container back, right?)

Everyone who overindulged, whether they were celebrating Labor Day or my birthday, will have a chance to work off a few of those calories at Saturday’s Hillbilly Daze in Millville. It will be my fifth such outing, and one I highly recommend for anyone who loves a small country festival and burgoo cooked all night. This being an election year, some of the hillbillies will be politicians, or vice-versa. I suspect the 38th annual get-together will be very well-attended, as the community continues to recover from the Aug. 11 flood that ripped up blacktop, as Emergency Management Director Drew Chandler said, “Like frosting off a wedding cake.”

(Drew Chandler is a great interview. He’s not running for office, so I think I can say that.)

I complain about having to work on holidays, but it’s sorta the nature of the beast in this business. And let’s face it – there are worse things to do than sit in an air-conditioned office and try to tell engaging stories.

On this Labor Day, I want to again thank past, present and future Dear Readers for reading what we write, sending us news tips and photos, and being good neighbors. I’ve lived in Orlando, Fla., Alexandria, Va., Lexington and other places far bigger than Versailles and Woodford County. However, I don’t think I’ve ever lived amongst a better group of people.

Happy Belated Labor Day, ya’ll.

Be careful on those trampolines.

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