• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS students share GSP summer experiences

GOVERNOR’S SCHOLARS PROGRAM participants from Woodford County High School were, clockwise from left to right, Jensen McMurry, Bella Wolfe, Erin Lawson, Allison Miller, Stanislava Spasova, Emily Brookfield, Alexis Jetton and Maddie Gatewood, with Ambrose Wilson IV, chair of the Woodford County Board of Education. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

Eight Woodford County High School seniors participated in the Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) this summer.

Emily Brookfield, Maddie Gatewood, Erin Lawson, Jensen McMurry, Allison Miller, Stanislava Spasova, Bella Wolfe and Alexis Jetton were recognized by the Woodford County Board of Education Monday, Aug. 27, for being selected for the summer residential program. They also shared how their GSP experiences helped shape them and their futures.

Allison, whose focus area at Northern Kentucky University was political science, described GSP and meeting students from across the state as “a really awesome experience.”

“Those five weeks were probably the most meaningful five weeks of my life,” added Stainislava, who was also at NKU, but focused on biological and environment issues.

Dramatic expression was Bella Wolfe’s focus area at NKU, and she too enjoyed “meeting a whole lot of new people.”

While her GSP experience at Morehead State University focused on political/legal issues, Emily said her biggest takeaway was gaining a better understanding of what she wants to do after she graduates from WCHS.

Not expecting to get Spanish as her focus area at Morehead State, Maddie said GSP opened her eyes to a community beyond Versailles and helped her realize that an in-state college “would probably work best for me.”

Focusing on international relations at Morehead turned into an amazing experience for Erin, who wants to continue her studies of foreign policy and international relations after she graduates from WCHS.

Alexis said focusing on Spanish at Murray State University was an opportunity to learn about a lot of different cultures and people from all over the state.

“I think the coolest thing about GSP,” she added, “was that it was about learning just for fun.”

Jansen, who also spent her summer at Murray State, said focusing on agri-business and biotechnology reinforced her career plans, which begin by continuing her education at the University of Kentucky.

Over 1,000 students from across Kentucky participate in the Governor’s Scholars Program on three college campuses. The program wants to enhance the state’s next generation of civic and economic leaders, according a GSP news release.

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