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Woodford County cross country shines at Henry Clay Invitational

Six Woodford County cross country teams competed at the Henry Clay Tanner Duke Invitational Sept. 1 at Masterson Station Park. The Lady Jackets won the girls' 5K division to secure Woodford’s first win of the season.

High School Boys' 5K (Top 50) The WCHS boys' team placed sixth out of nine teams with 156 points and an average time of 19.44. WCHS senior Abran Santos finished 15th to lead the Jackets (18.12.30)and junior Kyle Holt was 31st (19:35.0). WCHS junior Colin Charles finished 35th (19:58.70), and Junior Jalen Newton was 40th (20:19.60). WCHS freshman Jackson Gordon finished 41st (20:34.90), and junior Justin Lehmkuhler was 50th (21:11.80).

High School Boys' JV 4,800-meter run (Top 50) The WCHS boys' JV team finished fourth out of five teams with an average time of 21:17.40. Korry Blankenship finished 12th (20:06), Scott Watson was 20th (21:03) and Ryan Hash finished 39th (22.19).

Middle School boys' 3,500-meter run (Top 50) The WCMS Tigers placed third with an average time of 17:31. Landon Wettlaufer finished 11th (16:02),Kai Shea was 27th (17:13), Jack Lehmkuhler finished 29th (17:21), Chase Thurman was 34th (18:41) and Wyatt Shea finished 40th (18:41).

High School Girls' 5K (Top 50) The WCHS Lady Jackets placed first in the high school varsity division with 88 points and an average time of 23:35. WCHS freshman Morgan Reynolds finished 10th (22:25.00),sophomore Katie Gatewood was 13th (22:33.00), sophomores McKenna Hewett (23:51.00) and Abbey Bleuel (23:57.00) finished 21st and 22nd, sophomore Katherine Crain finished 32nd (25:10.00), senior Esther Bradshaw was 33rd (25:14.00) and WCHS freshman Parker Robinson was 36th (25:21.00).

High School JV girls' 4,800-meter run (Top 50) Emma Hayes finished 16th (27.22), Caroline Murray was 19th (28:01) and Caroline Wells finished 25th (33:07).

Middle School girls' 3,500-meter run The WCMS Lady Tigers were runner-up with an average time of 18:21. Maggie Twehues finished first (16:34), Evelyn Hamilton was 10th (18:11), Addison Moore was 27th (19:53), Macy Stickel was 27th (20:16), Lainey Banks finished 37th (21:07), and Sara Joy Langdoc was 43rd (21:56).

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